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Cycling in Cambodia

The Idea Two days earlier, I had arrived in Siem Reap with little more than an idea: to go cycle touring in northern Cambodia. With no information available online, I set off with little idea what to expect and nothing but a small rucksack filled with a single change...

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Sukhothai, Thailand

There is a distinct freedom that is ever present when site seeing by bike. Maybe it is because having my own transportation allowed me to briefly escape the constant hammering of touts by the locals. During my latest bicycle trip, I explored the 800 year old UNESCO...

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The Toy-Train of Darjeeling

For the kid in me... The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was the 1st that I sat on. It’s called the Toy-Train. They are also called Mountain Railways, and there are 5 such Mountain Railways in India – Kalka-Shimla Railway [Himachal Pradesh], Darjeeling Himalayan Railway...

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Giving Alms in Thailand

I washed my hands, wore a spotless white shirt and made sure my face was cleanly shaven. Hastily checking my cellphone clock, I grabbed my bananas, chose seven gnoh (for its religious and spiritual significance) and gingerly placed each item into a plastic bag. With...

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Glass Walkway
For a Shanghai Tower

Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world at 1260 feet tall. A glass walkway was added that allows visitors to walk around and admire the exterior of the top floor of the building. Tourists will be able to walk around the building, at...

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For the Love of Nasi Lemak

I live in the birthplace of one fantastic dish, and it’s one that many have not heard of. Yes, a good old plate of Nasi Lemak. Where am I from? Malaysia. A country that’s filled with different walks of Asians – Indians, Chinese, Punjabis, Malays and a whole number of...

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Slow Boat to Bagan, Myanmar

I always enjoy using different modes of transportation when exploring new places. Today I was taking a riverboat, leaving Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) and heading southward to Bagan. Most travelers make this journey by bus, but I chose to take the MGRG Boat instead....

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Carcass – The Thar Desert, India

The Desert is a great leveler The Desert provides. The Desert consumes. And you do not get to decide this. The Desert decides. I photographed this Buffalo carcass on my 4th day of my trek across The Thar Desert, Jaisalmer, India with the Youth Hostel Association of...

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The Sleeping Buddha – Nepal

Amazing things happen when Men and Mountains meet. I had trekked to Sandakphu, West Bengal, India [12000 feet] with Youth Hostel Association of India [YHAI]. More than the climb I was fascinated about the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga under Full-moon light. 25th December,...

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AMA Waterways Expands Exotic Itinerary Options

Calabasas, CA - (Apr. 14, 2016) - AmaWaterways today announced that it has enhanced its "Vietnam, Cambodia & the Riches of the Mekong" itinerary, providing travelers with even more options to experience Southeast Asia. "We are delighted to introduce flexible new...

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Ride the Circle Train, Myanmar

Myanmar Fascination I have always had a fascination with trains and to me it seems that each country has trains with their own special character. When I arrived in Myanmar, previously known as Burma, I was eager to find a way to sample and enjoy the local train...

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Inspiring Istanbul

A chill breeze makes me shudder as I sit atop a cruise boat sailing down the Bosporus River towards the Black Sea. The difference in architecture between the buildings on my left side and the buildings on my right side are truly remarkable. This is mainly due to the...

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