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Little Island, Big Fun

On Harbour Island, it’s not the size that matters. As cool Atlantic Ocean mist hit my face, I sat on a $4 water taxi leaving North Eleuthera, Bahamas, excited at what I might find ahead. At only three miles long and half a mile wide Harbour Island (also known as Briland) looks barely more than a generous dot on most maps. I knew the island offers more than meets the eye, however, including a 300-year-old history that includes a stint as the Bahamas’ first capital city and some of the oldest structures in the Bahamas, a thriving tourism industry and one of the loveliest beaches in the Caribbean. I noticed a few lazily bobbing boats anchored just off the beach as I stepped off the dock and onto the island. Walking down Bay Street, the main drag, I came across many brightly painted New England-style houses, neatly piled conch shells (the national delicacy) and a surprising number of churches while walking through the winding streets of Harbour Island’s main settlement, Dunmore Town. Although the island is walkable, many rent golf carts to get around the island quicker. Harbour Island offers exactly what a remote island paradise should: a sleepy disposition, plenty of good food, meandering streets, visions of friendly neighbors chatting while clean laundry dries in balmy breezes and timid flocks of wild chickens roam the area, giving “free...

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Checking in with Kincaid Lodge

The following was a letter I recently received from the owner of the Kincaid Lodge in New Zealand about a five minute ride from Kaikoura’s main street. It’s charming and quiet and definitely my most restful night while in New Zealand.

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The Chief Counselor part 1

Spanish Wells is a tiny island off the coast North Eluethera in the Bahamas. At the time, I remember reading Spanish Wells was supposed to be a spooky island with a closed German Menonite society of caucasian Bahamians. Of course, I was drawn to explore it and its people. I suppose it just goes to show that you can not believe everything you read. I found an honest, hard-working community, ready to share a story and a cup of tea. They have a movie theater, generate their own power and have the cleanest island I have ever seen. This year I had the good fortune to sit down with several of the natives of Spanish Wells including the Chief Counselor, Abner Pinder, for a little bit of life and philosophy. Abner Pinder: We have our own web site. You can call up all the genealogies. Anyone on the island, you can just look them up. I didn’t even know mine was on there until someone told me about it. It has some pictures of people when they were young and handsome. And now they’re old and ugly, like me. Devin Galaudet: How long has Spanish Wells been a settlement of the Bahamas? AP: I think it’s sometime in the early 1700s, maybe before then. I’m not a history buff. I live for tomorrow. I can change, that’s my motto....

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Exploring Japan’s Culture

In Europe, there are an endless amount of amazing structures and buildings to check out. Tourists have been exploring Europe for centuries and tourists are sometimes treated with seasonal apathy. Thus, it’s harder for the traveler to experience the local culture. However, in Japan I found the opposite experience. In Japan, the real beauty of the place is in your every day encounters with the culture. From climbing Mount Fuji with the locals to something as simple as going to a corner store and trying to figure out what exactly you’re buying. Even in Japan’s larger cities many will treat an encounter with a foreigner as a novelty worthy of a photo or a chance to brush up on English. Give it a whirl next time you’re in Japan. Written by Joe...

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The Pueblos Magicos

Here is the complete list of the “Pueblos Magicos” that Mexico is banking on attracting a new level of tourism. Visitors can expect the “Pueblos Magicos” or magical towns of Mexico are charming, near to large cities or major tourist attractions. This list is in no particular order. For more read the story Making Magic for more. 1. San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas 2. Parras de la Fuente in Coahuila 3. Comala in Colima 4. Dolores Hidalgo in Guanuajuat 5. San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato 6. Taxco in Guerrero 7. Real del Monte in Hidalgo 8. Huasca de Ocampo in Hidalgo 9. Mazamitla in Jalisco 10. Tapalpa in Jalisco 11. Tequila en Jalisco 12. Tepotzotlán in Mexico State 13. Valle de Bravo in the State of México 14. Pátzcuaro in Michoacán 15. Tlalpujahua in Michoacán 16. Tepoztlán in Morelos 17. Mexcaltitán in Nayarit 18. Cuetzalan in Puebla 19. Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosí 20. Izamal in Yucatán 21. Cosalá in Sinaloa 22. Alamos in Sonora 23. Bernal...

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Steering Around

I couldn’t help but be a little nervous as I pulled my rental car keys out of my pocket and unlocked the car door. It was my first time driving in a foreign country and I didn’t know how difficult it would be. But I decided that if I wanted to see the famed White Villages of southern Spain, self-touring was my best option. I pulled out of the car lot, and as I drove, it became clear that I was wrong to worry. Driving in Spain was no problem and my trip was going to be fantastic. I highly recommend a self-driving tour for clients visiting this region. Many villages are close together, road conditions are generally good with clear directional road signs and Spain’s traffic laws are nearly identical to those of the U.S. But most importantly, driving offers the flexibility to explore the White Village’s nooks and crannies while avoiding steep hills on foot. However, drivers should understand that missed freeway exits can result in long detours, as there are substantially fewer road exits. Agents should map itineraries carefully. My vehicle was rented through Bravo Holiday Cars, a reliable car able to navigate the winding streets. The White Villages are walled hilltop cities built by Moorish and Christian kingdoms as strategic military posts, and they are painted white to protect the clay towns from the harsh...

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Tokyo: 5 Sights not in your guidebook

For a gaijin living in Tokyo, weekend explorations can become repetitive. You’ll find yourself retracing your steps repeatedly. Shopping in Shibuya amongst tech-saavy teeny-boppers and taking photos with the Harajuku girls.

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