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Locally Sourced and Loving It in St. Lucia

Locally Sourced and Loving it in St. Lucia First I felt the itch, then the raging burn. I ran like a bat out of hell from the greenhouse, not entirely sure what was making my feet feel like they were on fire. It was my first attack by fire ants and it was horribly unpleasant. Usually, I might grumble and moan all day about the pain, but I gave it only a second before shaking it and moving forward. There was no time to dwell, as I was in paradise, getting an insider look into a private estate farm...

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Skipping the Beach on Aruba Vacations

Skipping the Beach in Aruba With a threat of endangered bats bound to fly into my hair, I was not crazy about climbing the steps to the mouth of the cave. But this was the real, natural Aruba I hoped to immerse myself in, so into the hole I went found inside the Arikok National Park. After a jeep drive through cacti field, herds of goats and some hilly, colorful residential areas, I arrived at the Quadirikiri, Fontein and Huliba caves for a little basic spelunking. While turning my brain off and soaking in the incredible views from the...

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Curacao’s Colorful Culture

Curacao’s Colorful Culture   The restaurant owner slipped something in my hand with a wink, and then was gone. He gifted me a little colorful coin purse with “Jaanchie’s” emblazoned on the front as a thank you for savoring his food. But it really wasn’t necessary – the somewhat tough to find lunch spot that didn’t even have a menu was the best food I had on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Silver platters shaped like fish can be filled with chicken, beef, goat or, for the brave, iguana meat. There’s plenty of “Bright” beer to go around, an...

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Mofungo and Mulligans: Golfing in Puerto Rico

  Mofungo and Mulligans: Golfing in Puerto Rico They might as well have handed me a magic wand for all I knew what to do with a golf club. My trip to the northeast region of Puerto Rico called for a golf-centered adventure hitting up all the top courses on the island. At first the talent of the other players was overwhelming as they traded handicap stats and knowledge of the pros standings back and forth. But I diligently practiced, observed and eagerly embraced the sport – not hard to do in the palm-tree laden, spicy environment of an...

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Taiwan Biking by Land, Sand, Sky

Taiwan Cycling by Land, Sand and Sky   As I rounded the nineteenth corner of the road for that day on my rickety bicycle in one hundred degree heat, I was sure I wouldn’t make it. Each stretch went on for eternity, with an ever so slight incline that was just enough to make my legs scream. But the humidity was the worst. Water bottles immediately went warm and I felt almost blinded by the sun. However, once in a while I’d pause to swing my head from side-to-side, gazing out at the placid sea and bamboo groves, residents...

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Upgrades at Belize’s Gaia Riverlodge

Gaia Riverlodge receives quality upgrade, one of top things to do in Belize One of the top things to do in Belize is relax at a tranquil resort. Luckily, a reputable accommodation that has undergone renovations and a name change is welcoming guests to explore its breathtaking property. The Gaia Riverlodge, overlooking the iconic Five Sisters Waterfalls, has always retained its signature outlooks and ideal location in the beautiful Pine Ridge Forest. However, guests can now indulge in luxurious upgrades as well for an even more unforgettable stay. Special features of the new riverlodge Each cabana now boasts smooth hardwood floors,...

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Japan Week Festival at Grand Central Terminal

NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Japan Week, a public-private partnership that promotes Japanese culture, food and beverages to encourage tourism to Japan, today announced its 2013 program that will take place at Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall on March 19-21, 2013. The multi-day festival will showcase Japan as an incomparable travel destination by celebrating its diverse local and regional foods, beverages, music, art and culture. “Through our Japan Week program this year, we want to showcase Japan’s regional cultures and local flavors that make it so enticing, both for new and seasoned travelers,” said Yuki Tanaka, Executive...

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