Author: Ghada Bedair

Visiting Toronto Island

A Ride to Toronto Island Vacationing in Canada My family and I took a trip to Toronto Island for a week-long vacation. I went to visit family, but I definitely found Canada, and Toronto in particular, to be quite the tourist experience. I immediately noticed how gregarious the natives were. Customs was a breeze, and although my three rambunctious children were causing a bit of a stir, singing and dancing, after our 5 hour trip from California, the customs officials didn’t mind a bit, even though it was late in the evening. The next morning we headed to Toronto...

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Wearing and Understanding Hijab in Saudi Arabia

It’s undoubtedly one of the most misunderstood symbols. The Hijab has been attacked many times, nationally and internationally. Whether you travel through America, Europe, or the Middle East one thing is evident: that you will see a Muslim woman wearing Hijab in some form. I am one of them; I reside in California and grew up in Orange County. I adore American culture, and like so many Muslim women, I choose to wear Hijab. Hijab has many forms, and many looks. Each woman has her own personal reasons for wearing Hijab. This article is not meant to showcase one...

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Hajj, an Experience of Mecca

“Isn’t this a beautiful hotel?” she said her etched face spoke of pain and suffering she had endured, but her shiny eyes spoke of resilience and acceptance. “Yes, it is,” I said praying my voice did not reveal the truth that I and my privileged party coming from California were about ready to walk over and file a complaint with our travel agent for poor accommodations. This was the filthiest hotel any of us had ever seen. I looked over to my sister who was also performing Hajj, the year was 2004, and we both stood there looking at...

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12 Tips to Travel Muslim Countries

From the moment you enter your credit card number and hit accept you are in for an adventure. Traveling to a foreign country is exciting, educational, and at times scary. Whether you choose a guided tour when you arrive, or decide to channel your inner Indiana Jones there is much to fear while being abroad; getting lost, not being able to communicate with the natives, food poisoning, and the simpler offending the natives. There is no other place feared quite as much as a county that has gone through recent wars or has an oppressive reputation, namely, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and parts of Saudi Arabia, all these countries have a common link, they are all Muslim countries. As a Muslim woman who was born in Cairo, Egypt and immigrated to the United States at a young age. I have also fallen into the fear trap while traveling. Just the other day my son’s preschool teacher, who happens to be originally from Afghanistan, informed me that over the upcoming summer she planned on taking her kids on a family trip to her native country. My mouth fell open and I spoke before thinking only recalling a recent documentary I had seen on CNN, with Anderson Cooper dodging explosions, and looking very afraid. I asked, “Is [Afghanistan] safe?” Images of tanks and martial law raced through my mind. My son’s teacher...

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Welcome to ITKT

I am Devin Galaudet the Editor in Chief of ITKT. I am asked all the time how I did it? Was it worth? Changing my life around to make travel a priority. The short answer is yes. It was really a lifestyle choice. It hasn’t always been easy but I have never regretted it. If you are like me, you might want to explore what I did to get started.

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