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Don’t just travel Southeast Asia- live it!

A lot of my friends are envious of my so-called traveler’s lifestyle. But in truth, I don’t see myself as a traveller. I actually am not at all attracted to the idea of constantly moving, living moment to moment, and never settling anywhere. Now I know people travel for different reasons, and whenever I meet someone who has the guts to set off without a plan other than I want to get to this place, I say “go for it man!” The reason I left my home country however is because I wanted to know how other people live,...

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Looking for Leopards in Sri Lanka – With a Dash of Comfort

Looking for leopards at Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, sounds like one of the easiest things to do, especially once you learn that the park is known to have the largest population of leopards in the world. I mean, how hard can it be right? Here’s what I learnt. Accommodation I woke up to deep grunts and scrunching leaves outside my tent. Perhaps I was dreaming? There’s no way there are wild animals outside…even though, I was in their territory, I thought to myself. I was glamping at Wild Coast Tented Lodge, that’s located just outside this national...

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Panic in Puerto Rico!

The mood across the table was gloom. A heavy aura of tense suspense had descended into the living room. You could see worried expressions on our faces if there had been enough light to do so. I was staring down the length of the very last candle that flickered weakly on the table between us, as if my intense glare could somehow make it last longer. Outside, a tropical storm raged on. The 30 miles/hour winds cut through the tropical foliage in a menacing howl. Just beyond the front yard, about 100 yards away, the Atlantic Ocean was attacking...

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Kerala – Slow and Peaceful

In September, just after the refreshing monsoons had cooled Kerala, I went on my first houseboat along the incredible lakes and rivers of Kerala. The slow life along the river and centuries old traditions, just seemed to be a wonderful break from technology, my fast-paced career and never ending ‘to-do lists’. Really enjoyed embracing a slower pace, if only for a short time! I love to explore places that are quiet, and sometimes remote, sometimes absolute luxury and at other times more budget friendly. This trip ticks many of those boxes for me. Once the hippie mecca for travelers...

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In Search of The Bird of Paradise

It’s just after 3:00 am when a voice outside my cabin door calls softly, telling me that its time to go. I make my way gingerly up the internal staircase from below decks in pitch darkness, careful not to wake the other guests on board the Katherina, a 100 foot Phinesi sailing ship, moored off the island of Gam in the tropical waters of Raja Ampat in West Papua. Our ever vigilant purser, Frans welcomes me on deck with cup of coffee and gives me detailed instructions as to what will happen over the next two to three hours....

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Embracing Colombian Beer Culture

Beer Culture in Colombia When I left the United States to be an English Teaching Fellow in Colombia, friends and family inevitably asked two things: “Isn’t it dangerous?” and “What food or drink are you going to miss most?” I’d done my research and had a friend who had participated in the program, so I knew that the dangers were no different than those in any lower income country or quite frankly U.S. city. However, with food or drink I had to think. While I’m not a picky eater, one thing did come to mind: beer. I was worried...

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The Secret Side of Santorini

“Santorini would not be what it is without Pinterest.” As my Greek taxi driver maneuvered the twisting turns around the volcanic mountains, the island was laid out below us: scattered farms, lush, vibrant plains of fields, the occasional church with its snow white walls and blue dome dotting the landscape. It seemed impossible that this idyllic place would need the help of social media to become one of the world’s top travel destinations. Despite my skepticism of Pinterest’s role in the tourism industry here, it’s admittedly because of social media that Santorini was even on my radar. The dazzling...

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Van Life in the South of Spain

Van Life Everywhere I looked online, van travel was stylishly portrayed. Elegant people draped over beautiful hand-made bedspreads; friends laughing, beers in hand and the soft golden light of dusk illuminating the happiness that only life on the road can bring. Vans were always shabby-chic and set against the backdrops of white-tipped waves and mountain backdrops. Yet all I could think of was my childhood holidays in my parent’s third-hand caravan. Old-School Van Life It had been old, decrepit and decorated in those hideous oranges and browns of the seventies. There were only four beds and five of us,...

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I am Devin Galaudet the Editor in Chief of ITKT. I am asked all the time how I did it? Was it worth? Changing my life around to make travel a priority. The short answer is yes. It was really a lifestyle choice. It hasn’t always been easy but I have never regretted it. If you are like me, you might want to explore what I did to get started.

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