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Fishing Village Fiestas in the Philippines

Filipino Fiesta I was fortunate enough to spend 9 months in San Fernando on Palawan Island in the Philippines. San Fernando is about an hour North East of El Nido and the cliché’s ‘off the beaten track’ and ‘a private paradise’ describes this area perfectly. There is one upmarket resort, a nature lodge and a hand full of locally owned warungs (basic accommodation) and restaurants scattered between the two fishing villages San Fernando and Sibaltan. While I was living there I became friends with many local people who took me in and became my family. They taught me about...

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A Garden in Fiesole

Fiesole, Italy The Sights in Florence I sat soaking up the sun in a small walled garden. Tumbling geraniums held the moss-covered stones together as they did most of this hillside town. The drone of bees left the air heavy. Once formal garden paths weaved through one another as they rambled towards a statue of the Virgin, standing forgotten in the center of the garden. A rose branch crept out to tenderly embrace her. Autumn sunshine danced through the trees, with midges floating contentedly in the warmth of its wake. Below me, the Duomo rose above the purple haze...

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Ancient Whispers of Egypt

Ancient Whispers “Mankind is afraid of time, and time is afraid of the Pyramids.” As the awe-inspiring voice loomed across the open-air auditorium, a feeling of being transported three thousand years back in time suddenly hit me. Sitting there, in front of the majestic Pyramids and Sphinx, I was watching a late-night light and sound show in Giza, Egypt. The narrator did a perfect job for creating an aura of mystery and intrigue and the lights complemented it perfectly. Hans Zimmer would have been proud of the background score that sent periodic chills down the spines of the enthralled...

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Sunrise in Nepal

Mountains know no boundaries. I took this picture at Tumling, Nepal while on a trek to Sandakphu, West Bengal last December with Youth Hostel Associations of India [YHAI]. The beauty of Sandakphu trek was that I constantly moved between India and Nepal. Mountains do not ask for a passport. They just ask for free-will and some guts. Tumling, Nepal was my second camp during the trek. I reached there around 15:00 hours and it was pleasingly cold then. The camp leader informed me about the small hill behind our rooms from where the Sunrise was worth seeing. I noted...

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Tartu, Estonia, and Christmas

Christmas in Estonia Tartu, Estonia, is the First Country to Use a Christmas Tree Snow falling, children singing, and lights shimmering. This is the scene of a Christmas tradition set in the beautiful city of Tartu, Estonia. Three months into my eleven – month stay, I have become familiar enough with the city to know that my expectations, no matter how grandiose, will always be shattered by what Tartu has to offer. This Christmas season has already shown that it will not be any different. Living in the first country to use a Christmas tree, I knew that the...

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The Colors of Cartagena – Colombia

I frequently hear travelers declare that they have a strong preference for beach vacations, nature getaways, exploring an urban setting, or some other genre of travel. These proclamations are often definitive, as if they’ve found the perfect way to travel for them. While I wish I had that type of clarity, I’ve never been able to definitively declare myself partial to a specific type of travel. I like to see it all, and Cartagena offered just that. Cartagena de Indias I arrived Friday night prepared for the long weekend and was immediately rejuvenated by the activity in the hip...

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Driving Up Gibb River Road – Western Australia

Gibb River Road Standing on the side of the road, I heard the welcome sound of a roar of an engine. Soon after, a vehicle came careering around the corner, and halted to a stop after I flagged it down. “I don’t suppose you have a working jack, do you?” I asked. The hardy-looking man in the car guffawed. “I’d be stupid not to on this road, wouldn’t I? I’ve already changed two tyres today”. We were on the Gibb River Road, one of the most remote roads in the world. The stretch is over 660 kilometres long; most...

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At the Edge of the West, at the End of a Pier in Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, Oregon is perched at the mouth of the Columbia River where it opens into the Pacific Ocean. It’s been called “little San Francisco” and shares some features, on a much smaller scale, with the city by the bay. There’s the seaport , and rolling green hills are dotted with Victorian houses. They‘re part of what make Astoria visually appealing and interesting to explore. The two cities also both have quite colorful histories. The rich natural resources of the west opened up a brisk maritime trade. Fur, timber, and fish brought multitudes of immigrants to the west. All this...

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