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Vienna beyond Schönbrunn Palace

Around Vienna The Vienna morning with a viewA sudden wave of restlessness gripped me as I stood atop the north tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna looking at the sprawling city stretched out in all directions. There was no way I could do justice to this place in less than a day – precisely the time I had since leaving the cruise ship a couple of hours earlier and before returning to it later that night. I and my husband had spent a couple of days in Budapest before we set sail along the Danube, but Vienna was...

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1,237 Steps – The Tiger Cave Temple

Visiting The Tiger Cave Temple Tinglish Communication The thick air of Southern Thailand tugs at my ineptly tied sarong as I wait for the bus to take me to the Tiger Cave Temple, also known as the Tiger Temple*. The wind, yet again, frees my sarong from its knot and my legs are left bare, clad only in my running shorts, scandalous attire for the socially conservative country of Thailand. Where is the bus? I have been waiting on the side of the road at an unmarked bus station where my partner said the microbuses to the temple normally...

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The Coast of Cornwall – UK

Turquoise seas and sunny days in Cornwall are not the first things that spring to mind when talking about the UK, known the world over for its rainy days and grey clouds. However, this is exactly what I got when I went to England’s most southern tip of Cornwall. I spent four days hiking in different places across the county, and each had its own character and beauty. Ancient Woodlands of Cornwall On my first day I found myself in the depths of ancient woodland. The weather was more of the grey variety this day but it somehow served...

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Oaxaca – It’s All About the Tortillas

Fresh tortillas I like the art galleries, the black pottery, and the cold beer by the zocolo, but for me, the best part about Oaxaca is the tortillas. Finally fulfilling a recurring New Year’s resolution, I took a leave of absence from a demanding job to study Spanish, escaping a bitter winter and a series of ordinary days. I wanted to prop up my fledgling Spanish and feel the throb of life in Mexico. As soon as I stepped off the airplane, I knew I made the right decision. Arriving in Oaxaca The air was warm and dry, the...

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Hiking the Gorges of Karijini National Park

Winter runoff has come to Karijini National Park Winter has come to Karijini National Park. A chilling wind whips across my face as I check into Dales Campground, my home for the next week. The once lovely campsite is a shadow of its former self after a recent bush fire removed all but the hardiest of trees. Such is the way of things here in the Pilbara, a remote section of red rock land in the northwest of Australia. Another blast of unexpectedly icy air cuts through my coat and I wrap my arms tighter around myself. We make...

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Exploring Cappadocia: A Magical Landscape

Goreme, Cappadocia Having fallen in love with the awe-inspiring deserts and incredible rock formations of the American South West many years previously, I never believed that there would be anywhere else on earth to rival the sheer beauty and spirituality of those captivating landscapes – until I discovered Cappadocia. I had not imagined that such a wonderland existed in Turkey, a mere four hour flight from my home in the UK. I awoke bleary-eyed on the overnight bus from Istanbul in time to witness the sun rise over a strange and surreal scene. Feeling as though I was in...

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Beneath Budapest: How Caving Saved My Sense of Adventure

Adventure Caving Budapest was never on my travel radar. Although I have come to love this gorgeous city, I had no idea what to expect when I travelled to Hungary’s capital. After finishing a semester abroad in England, I had embarked on a whirlwind tour of Europe, trying to fit in as many countries as possible in a two-week time frame. I filled every moment, checking off a list of destinations. However, when it came to Budapest, I had nothing. My travelling companions wanted to go, so I went along with it, but I was anxious about not having...

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Cuba: A Slow Pace of Life

Preconceptions of Cuba The pictures of Cuba highlighted in the glossy pages of my guide book show a vibrant world of flamenco dancers and multicolored 1950s cars, and yet the blisteringly hot cement building my small plane touches down outside seemed to have little in common with the “La Bella Tierra” described by tourism websites. The elderly lady in the plane seat next to me had joyfully sobbed the entire hour long journey from Fort Lauderdale to Havana in anticipation of her first homecoming in over twenty five years. The dirt streaked floors of the Havana airport seemed a...

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