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Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia and the Salt Flats Something Different in Bolivia Gazing out at the ethereal landscape, I feel like I am on a different planet. What appears to be sand, or maybe even snow, continues endlessly on. The waves of heat create eerie shapes on the horizon, and the stillness around me makes me realize how vast and unique this place really is. While it may feel like I have transported myself to another world, I have not. We are simply standing in the middle of the world’s largest salt flats – the Salar de Uyuni, in the isolated south...

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Visiting Khao Sok National Park – Thailand

I think I’m in love with Khao Sok National Park … I uttered, as so many other travelers have stated before me. But in comparison to other travelers, I wasn’t staring at the ocean of Koh Tao, or even gazing up at the Buddhist temple of Wat Arun. Even though these places are absolutely stunning, they’re not my favorite area of Thailand. My favorite part of Thailand is a national park called Khao Sok. The national park is covered by the world’s oldest evergreen rainforest and is home to a unique range of fauna and flora. Because of Khao...

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An Inca Trail Revelation

Exploring the Inca Trail The Inca Trail Discovery As the sun set beneath the Andean peaks I was drawn to the remains of a tiny ruined hut on a hill overlooking our camp site. It had been a long day so far, the third of a four day Inca Trail trek, and perhaps the altitude and the exertion was getting to me but there was a definite attraction to this lonely ruin above a narrow mountain valley. Four walls of rough stones formed a roofless three-by-three meter room. Weeds and grass covered the floor and grew between the gaps...

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Fighting Spanish Bulls in Madrid

Last weekend in Madrid, I did the something I never thought I’d do: I attended a bullfight. Despite public outcry in recent years, bullfighting (or, Corrida del Toros, as Spaniards say), is still legal in all provinces of Spain except Catalonia, and quite popular. And so, there I was on a cloudy Saturday, at the last corrida of the Madrid season. I had not planned this outright. Watching a bullfight was never on my list of Spanish to-dos. But I had just finished reading Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway, an English-language manifesto on bullfighting. The book was...

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Garden of the Gods:
Sikkim’s Rhododendron Forest

Nestled in the south-east corner of the Himalayas, the ancient kingdom of Sikkim is the northern paradise of India. Known as Indrakil, the garden of the Hindu god of war, Indra, Sikkim exudes an other-worldly peace and serenity – it is no coincidence that the name ‘Sikkim’ may be literally translated as ‘happy homeland’. This tiny corridor of land, annexed to India in 1975, has exercised a powerful hold over travellers for centuries, who have been time and time again seduced by its dramatic mountainscapes and luscious fertile valleys. However, India’s northern jewel remains relatively unexploited by the country’s...

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Gatorland’s Gator Bait

Florida has plenty to do, especially in the city of commerce-Orlando. There are plenty of amazing theme parks in Florida, however, I searched for something different. Gatorland offered a wide range of experiences from rare animal shows to a thrilling zip line. There were alligators everywhere; 1,800 to be exact. I couldn’t wait to interact with the opportunity to get up close and understand the large reptile. I was introduced to the smallest gator in the park. He was about 1.5 years old and fit nicely in my two hands. The alligators firm, cold skin had yellowish stripes across...

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The Hidden Cave of Thakhek, Laos

A Hidden Cave, Thakhek, Laos Near Thakhek, Loas The area around Thakhek, Laos, is notorious for it’s limestone karst mountains and beautiful caves. There is the Buddha Cave; a small cave halfway up a cliff face that was full of more than 200 Buddha statues when it was discovered just a few years ago. There is Konglor Cave; 7km long with a river flowing all the way through it and boats available to take tourists on tour. However, my favourite cave in the area is hidden away, discovered purely by accident on a bicycle tour and completely captivating. The...

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Among the Clouds
On Tajumulco, Guatemala

Climbing Tajumulco My boots crunch the gravel underfoot as I stare down a volcano. Tajumulco rises impressive before me, a ring of clouds surrounding its base, the only thing to hint this is the highest peak in Guatemala and all Central America. At 4,220 meters (or 13,845 feet) Tajumulco will be the highest mountain I’ve ever summitted. With one last look to the mighty peak, I stow my camera, lift my pack onto my back, and begin the ascent to this ancient place of fire and brimstone. As our group heads up the mountain, I can’t help but think...

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