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Desert Drive-through, Oman

It was not yet 8am when I zipped past the informal city limits of Muscat into open country. Traffic dropped off to a fraction of what it was a mile ago. I curbed the urge to speed up to avoid unwanted attention from speed cameras set every other mile. I was in Oman, the sprawling nation that made up the southeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is less glitzy, less in the news and hence less visited than its neighbor, the United Arab Emirates with its tourist lightning rod, Dubai. Today my destination was the town of Nizwa,...

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How I Spent Six Hours in Versailles

Versailles – there really aren’t words to describe it. Amazing, magnificent, dazzling, over-the-top, breathtaking just don’t do it. I had to see it for myself. And it is everything I ever imagined. I made a day trip from Paris to Versailles, twelve miles away and easily reached by train. The “RER C” train from the St. Michel/Notre Dame metro stop took me directly to the Rive Gauche station in Versailles and that’s about a quarter mile from the chateau. I was surprised to learn that the ticket I had purchased online did not allow me to “skip the line”....

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The Oma Painted Forest –
Basque Country, Northern Spain

The Oma Painted Forest Basque Country Northern Spain There is nothing quite like an early morning stroll in a beautiful forest in the clean, fresh air, but this particular site truly took my breath away. The Oma Painted Forest is located in the heart of the UNESCO listed Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, close to the town of Kortezubi in Basque Country, Spain and is a hidden and artistic treasure. I had the pleasure of visiting the site, which can only be described as a truly magical experience. The forest has been described as combining nature and art, with a strong...

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Horseback Trekking in the Kyrgyzstan Mountains

Karakol Livestock Market Horsemanship runs deep through Kyrgyzstan’s veins. Traditionally a nomadic culture, the ability to ride horses and ride them well was not only esteemed, but often necessary. In today’s culture, it is common to see men and women riding their proud horses through towns and villages and mountain passes on a daily basis. Regular riding competitions are held both nationally and locally throughout the year. In Karakol, where I found myself somewhat unexpectedly, there is a livestock market every Sunday. It is reserved for locals from far and wide to come together, barter and exchange their livestock,...

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Magic on the Algerian Border

Oasis at Taghit Flies swarmed around her eyes. She was a frail, wrinkled woman in her late forties, I guessed, but looking much older. Her face was dark brown, with tiny brown eyes to match. She never once swatted the flies away. She sat in the sand beneath a date palm tree that offered a thin veil of shade. She wore a tan cloth wrapped around her head. The strands of gray hair that had slipped out from under it were stuck to her forehead with sweat. Her dress was also tan. It had no doubt once been dark...

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The Must-See
Museums of Bentonville

Children’s Museum of Bentonville The city of Bentonville, Arkansas creates a hometown feel with all the perks of a metropolis but with way less traffic. Bentonville has numerous museums ranging from American art to indigenous culture to children’s hands-on imagination and I got the pleasure to see them all! These museums are only a few short miles apart from each other. Crystal Bridges displays American art from colonial times to the present. It gets its name from the natural spring water in the area. The buildings are resting on two spring-fed ponds. Before entering the museum, I viewed the...

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The Strange Symbols
at Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves What drew me to these caves in the Wayanad district, Kerala was that it was a pre-historic site with mysterious engravings. I had read that the carvings resembled the rock impressions of Styrian Alps and that they were from the Neolithic period. So I wanted to check the site out even if it meant trudging uphill for an hour or so with my eight year old son. Wayand is typically a five hour drive from Bangalore and I reached the trek spot around 8:30 in the morning. I wanted to trek early to avoid the hot sun....

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At Play in the Algerian Sahara

Trekking the Algerian Sahara Taghit’s finest had agreed to supply a camel caravan to take me and my three traveling companions out into the depths of the Grand Erg Occidental — the portion of the Sahara Desert that most resembles an ocean — and come back for our remains, as they put it, in one week. Payment had, of course, to be made in advance. No explanation was forthcoming, and none was needed. After the appropriate greetings, I oversaw the loading of gear, food, and water onto the camels, then turned my back on the oasis and headed out...

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