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For Easter: The Hill of Crosses

On The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania The Hill of Crosses keeps coming back! Bulldozed three times by the Soviet authorities, the Hill of Crosses in Northern Lithuania always came back. Over 100,000 crosses of all sizes were at the site, spread over two hillocks 12km north of the city of Siauliai, Lithuania’s 4th largest city.The planting of crosses originally started in the 1860s, though the exact reason for this has been lost in clouds of incense and piety. I was told two stories about the origins of the cross-planting. The patriotic version says proud Lithuanians planted crosses on the...

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Customs when entering The Bahamas

The Customs officers in The Bahamas were deeply suspicious of my motives for visiting their country on two separate occasions within one week. My itinerary was taking me from Grand Cayman to Montego Bay and then on to Nassau, before heading over to the Turks and Caicos Islands. I was returning from Providenciales to Nassau and then flying to Great Exuma from where I was returning to Vancouver via Toronto. I was travelling on my own throughout the whole trip. When I arrived in Nassau the first time, there was an absolutely massive queue of people as three international...

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Cockburn Town, Grand Turk Island

Along Duke Street are some lovely restored buildings dating from around one hundred years ago with casuarina, frangipani, and Caribbean pine trees in the gardens. The sea is never far away with its clarity and light-blue colour being a constant feature all the way into town. There is a bank on Duke Street, which has a technologically advanced ATM with a touch-sensitive screen. On nearby Pond Street is Her Majesty’s Prison, which is open for visitors when a cruise ship visits the island. This prison held inmates for over 150 years before being closed in the 1990s, when prisoners...

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Pintxos, San Sebastian, Basque Country

Pintxos in San Sebastian When Seeing Pintxos, Think Tapas Pintxos, In Spain’s Basque country, it’s important to know a few words of the Basque language especially in the city of San Sebastián. This hotbed of Basque nationalism is known as, Donostia, locally and there are other words that visitors should become acquainted. In the Basque Country there are no tapas bars – instead they are referred to as pintxos bars, but the idea is the same. The Spanish eat a lot later than most tourists are used to and one of the reasons is that the locals visit a pintxos bar first – so it’s...

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Gazientep, Turkey

Alternate black and white stones lined the windows of the Kurtulus Camii mosque in Gazientep. This was the most noticeable architectural feature I saw as I walked around the outer wall. I eventually found an open gate and walked through. There was a good view of the minaret in the late evening sun and I took a couple of pictures. As I looked at some further possible images through the viewfinder I gradually became aware of someone watching me. A man wearing a woolly hat and yellow Wellington boots smiled at me and said some words while pointing at...

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Two New Books on Amazon

Our Friend and Author Julian Worker Julian Worker has been writing for In The Know Traveler for years. He is a traveler and writer who has been everywhere. I am jealous. I recently learned that Julian has penned two new book. We, at ITKT, applaud his efforts and hope everyone will consider supporting his latest writings. From Julian Worker Hi Devin: Further to your tweet of earlier today, July 2013, here are the URLs for the books on Amazon. The first is a book of ten traveller’s tales called Ten Traveller’s Tales – the subject matter is British Columbia,...

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Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

Gobekli Tepe is an unprepossessing archaeological site in Northern Mesopotamia – the area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. No postcards of the site are on sale and no guidebooks. Indeed, the gatekeeper has only one book for sale and that’s an English translation of the work by Klaus Schmidt that first alerted the world to his significant discovery in southern Turkey near the Syrian border. The archaeologists believe that Gobekli Tepe was built by hunter-gatherers somewhere in the period 7500BC – 9500BC, which means this site is at least 5,000 years older than Stonehenge and The Pyramids at...

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St. Lucia’s La Haut Plantation: Part II

After breakfast the mistiness persisted as I read my book. I was distracted only by the hummingbirds frolicking in the bougainvilleas and by the happy chattering of the room maids. The manager offered me the services of the plantation driver to get me to the airport, where my suitcase could clear customs only with my presence. The driver, Hugh Paul, made the journey pass quickly – we talked about West Indies cricket, Arsenal Football Club, and the devastating effect of the previous year’s hurricane on the banana crop. When we arrived at the airport, Hugh waited without complaint. Apparently...

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