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Slow Travel through London

London by footpower 2017 was a rough year for many reasons. Chief among them – my parents died in the spring, 20 days apart. After months of sharing daily care with my sister, I was suddenly left with a lot of free time. I was sad and a bit at sea, so when I got an email about an amazing deal on a nonstop, round trip flight from Los Angeles to London, I jumped on it – even though my usual travel partners would not be able to join me. It’s been years since I’ve gone abroad solo. I...

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Wedding Weekend in Los Cabos

Sure, I could spend the entire wedding weekend at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar — what with the five pools, four fabulous restaurants, five equally great bars, the Cactus Spa, pristine beach… why not? But, there is a bit more to explore in Los Cabos. For future Cabo travelers, I’ve laid out a nice itinerary that includes dramatic sunsets, bucolic farms, and yes, all those pools. And, depending on the time of year – maybe even a whale or two. Rehearsal Dinner at Sunset da Mona Lisa There’s a reason that ‘sunset’ is in the name. I got the...

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Breakfast at Yung Chi in Tainan

By far one of my favorite meals in Taiwan was an unexpected stop at a breakfast stand on Kaishan Road in Tainan. Yung Chi is a popular spot with the locals. For very little money you can get a very hearty, authentic Taiwanese breakfast. Here’s what I had: Yo Tiao (a savory churro type bread), pork rice (with pork liver, not my favorite), duck eggs – I preferred the soft cooked over the hard cooked; milkfish balls– think gefilte fish. The fish balls came in a broth in which they were accompanied by fish stomachs and fish skin. And,...

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Exploring Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake

I awoke in my room at the Fleur de Chine after the best night’s sleep I’ve enjoyed in a long, long time. Was it the hour-long soak in my room’s mineral bath, the mind-blowing dinner in the Rainbow Cloud teppanyaki restaurant, or the low-key, yet luxurious, room overlooking Sun Moon Lake? Probably all three. I dressed again in the yukata (a kimono-like robe made of cotton supplied by the hotel that I’d worn to dinner the night before) and made my way downstairs to the breakfast buffet.  After breakfast I went back to my room and changed into ‘real’ clothes...

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Discovering Taiwan’s Unique Cuisine at Din Tai Fung

The first thing I noticed walking into the original Din Tai Fung was the kitchen to the right, with table after table of kitchen help preparing tray upon tray of xiaolongbao—literally a ‘small steamer dumpling’.   The heat and humidity in the kitchen matched the weather outside and I wasn’t sure this was such a great idea. But after walking up to the fourth floor dining room while inhaling the aromas around me, eating steamed dumplings started to make a lot of sense. A refreshing glass of icy cold Gold Medal Taiwan Beer also helped.   My first dumpling...

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General Impression of Taiwan

After eight days in Taiwan I realize I’ve only heard one car horn. And I’ve been in cities – Taipei, Tainan, Taichung – with cars and scooters galore. Not to mention pedestrians. A Taiwanese woman told me that the Taiwanese are a very orderly people. Maybe that’s the explanation for the unexpected quiet of the city streets. It’s a contrast to the energy in the air that is difficult for this LA native to fathom. I’ve always equated quiet with dull but Taiwan is anything but dull. Is it possible to be both driven and relaxed? Go to Taiwan...

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Welcome to ITKT

I am Devin Galaudet the Editor in Chief of ITKT. I am asked all the time how I did it? Was it worth? Changing my life around to make travel a priority. The short answer is yes. It was really a lifestyle choice. It hasn’t always been easy but I have never regretted it. If you are like me, you might want to explore what I did to get started.

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