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An Ode to Life Magazine and Gordon Parks

An Ode to Life Magazine and Gordon Parks An Ode to Life Magazine and Gordon Parks As part of my trip to Brazil, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite photographers, Gordon Parks. In 1961, Parks released a photo series for Life magazine, “Freedom’s Fearful Foe: Poverty” transporting Middle America from the comfort of home into the squalor of the favelas of Brazil. The portrait of young Flavio and his families struggle for survival brought out an outpouring of sentiment and donations from hundreds of Americans. Subsequently, transported to the US and given proper medical care,...

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Havana Perspective

Running Through Havana A New Lens on Havana Understanding the flow of Cuban life begins at the artery of the Old City, Calle Obispo. Formed of piece-mealed cobblestone and sand (occasionally broken up to reveal new fiber-optic cable), Calle Obispo’s streets run from the northernmost point from Parque Central south to Plaza de Arms. El Floridita bar crowns the north, made famous by Hemingway, an homage to the power of the pen. The south by the 16th century fort Castillo de la Real Fuerza and a reminder that might makes right. Calle Obispo delivers on tropical fare with a...

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Surround Sounds: Cafe Haarlem

“Soul food in Amsterdam?” I thought. “Food, Music and More!” proclaimed the red script font. Intrigued and two months into my Netherland stint, I squeeze into the tight double doors, schoolbag in tow. Squeezing in, is frequent in Amsterdam. Doors are often skinny, a throwback to the city’s original taxation on width of property, not length. De La Soul plays on the speakers inside. I breathe easier. Good music earns points with me, striking like blows from a bat laced with good taste. If only the food tastes as amazing as the music sounds. Multi-colored pillows atop the wooden...

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Surround Sounds: Cafe de Prins, Part Two

I never liked pea soup. I never saw the great joy in hanging out with peas warmed up in a bowl, waiting for something to happen; just doesn’t do it for me. However, I have been in Amsterdam for the past six months and built rapport with the staff at Café Prins, and as it goes rapport needs to be reciprocated. It is this rapport allowing the owner to feel it was safe to launch a “pea soup volley”. “You should try the pea soup my friend,” he said. “It is very Dutch and I know you want to...

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Surround Sounds: Café De Prins

Bzzz-eeypp! The door chime proclaims another patron joins the ranks here warm at the eight stool wooden bar. I look towards the window noting the continuously fallen snow and frost, yet it is still toasty inside the mellow confines of Café Prins. Actually, mellow doesn’t properly describe where you and nearby figures, melt into the walls, as easily as the12x14 paintings and photographs of winterized canals, displayed overhead and between tables, but you get the point; it’s low key. I recall my first time at Café Prins, August 26th, in the ‘Dam with no hint of the snow which...

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Neftalie’s Surround Sounds: Nikki’s Beach in Venice

Welcome to my new column “Surround Sounds” dedicated to giving you the hotness on what’s good in the city. Let’s start with a staple. Two words, two syllables a piece, and a haven to discuss finance and what little details you can disseminate about your Vegas weekend. Yes, my friends the blissfully fleeting moments known as Happy Hour. Nikki’s Beach in Venice is the spot to head to after succumbing to the final whistle of the day. Located on Market Street in Venice 1 block from the beach it’s a great locale. Nikki’s décor is fantastic featuring comfy couches everywhere, exposed brick walls sky lights and vaulted ceiling. The environment is cool, and airy without a drop of pretense. Plasmas screens encircle you providing access to the season’s sports and the giant picture of a young goddess preparing to surf delivers you to personal oasis against the backdrop of the city. This is the spot for your out-of-towners. At Nikki’s you’re never over or underdressed and execs, sports crews, surf and skaters all congregate. Waitresses are hot, fun and hospitable whether you roll in from the boardroom or the boardwalk. Let the skateboard rack at the door speak for itself. Nikki’s happy hour is priced right. At ½ off their amazing appetizers, making them $2 to 8, and great drink prices on the same scale, you’ve got an instant...

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Real Men Don’t Eat Salads!

Real men don’t eat salads. But grown men do. As your favorite grown man reporting on the best places to do all things LA, I sit in West Subs doing just that, and enjoying it. No, I haven’t gone soft but this healthy green salad accompanying my meal has thrown me a curve ball. It’s disregarded my maturity level, strategically placing raisins atop my fork amidst raspberry vinaigrette. Their subterfuge is rewarded — mental note add raisins to shopping list. I am still a red blooded American male, and a man’s staple awaits me, the sandwich. A tuna melt with Cheddar at that. However, Matt the manager refuses to allow me my regular vulgar display of power by serving the sandwich on French bread cut in thirds, and served open faced with fresh fruit as well. The swine! Forcing me to eat slowly and savor the real albacore tuna bite by bite on a toasted roll. No, they unforgivingly rounded out my palette with seasonal fruit! The Mrs. claims my eating style is akin to a Viking pillaging the land. Now, I appear somewhat cultured, yet somehow satisfied. Strange, this West subs. West Subs interior features local artists works and young playwrights’ in the throes of discussion flank my right. Though Boba is available this is no flyby night drink spot. If coffee is your poison rest assured your...

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Lights, Camera, Attraction

Lights, Camera, Attraction!! This is the subject of Cirque de Soleil’s, latest incarnation, Zumanity! This new Vegas show is not only unafraid to tempt your sexual appetite, but with its voracious scope and vision it attempts to satisfy it! From the very beginning we are introduced to characters poised to warm up the audience with the breaking of sexual taboos. Actors Ron and his wife are dressed as classic 50’s newlyweds with a twist. During their performance, they bring out bananas to teach the audience its okay to “eat” each other in public! Following this display of couple carousing is the super suave “Antonio” character. Antonio leads us to believe pleasure is always in the action, and he is in action always! He has as much fun flirting with both the girls and the boys which helps shake up the setting and remind everyone, not only is sex okay, it’s always great fodder for comedy. Further taboos are dissolved when the two sisters, who under normal circumstances might not be thought of as the queens of sensuality, suddenly become the objects of affection of several members of the crowd. This is due in part to the way the clever ladies manage to engulf crowd members with both their buxom breast and behinds. As a matter of fact, the first indicator that this show is truly the sensual side of...

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