Erin Go Braugh and Ciao Bella Meet

Have I mentioned the Italian guy? I probably haven’t mentioned the Italian guy. I’ve actually been trying NOT to mention the Italian guy, even to myself. However, there is an Italian guy. If you want to add the proverbial (and in this case, quite delicious) icing to the Irish cake, picture this: You’re all alone, feeling the happiest you’ve ever felt in your life and you’re aware of that moment as it is occurring, and then you’re...

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A Happy St. Paddy’s Day Celebration… It’s All about Location!

With my trip to Ireland just around the corner, St. Patrick’s Day brings with it an added touch of nostalgia for all things Irish. And what better place to plant yourself for the National Holiday of Ireland than on the streets of Dublin? Well, if in addition to the Irish obsession, you’ve also got a hankering for all things Italian, New Orleans might be the next best location for a unique St. Paddy’s Day excursion. While living in New...

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Lots of Good Crack to be Had?

Is that what she said? Did my sweet little Irish friend mention doing CRACK with me in Ireland? I mean, at times in my life I’ve been up for all sorts of various pleasantries, but CRACK? Huh? Surely this couldn’t be what she meant. So, instead of making a complete fool of myself by asking if she had actually thrown out the suggestion of us becoming drug addicts together on the green isle, I decided to do the reasonable thing and toss...

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Téann an Saol Thart Mar a Bheadh Eiteoga Air…

…Life goes as quickly as if it had wings. I have no idea how many times I’ve told that story over the last 20 years. With each telling of that moment in time, it comes from further in the past, the images blurring more and more around the edges. Now I find myself wondering; Do I really remember that moment or have I just told the story so many times that I simply think I remember it? Like reflecting on a book read long ago, the...

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A Moment in Dublin

Once upon a time, long ago, a young woman found herself, quite by chance, running in the rain through the streets of Dublin, when suddenly it dawned on her, “I am having the happiest moment of my entire life.” At the enormity of this thought, she stopped and scanned the panorama of where she stood, taking in every nuance, every light, every sound, every smell, absorbing the moment with every cell in her body. And it was during this...

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