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The Provincetown Welcome

A Welcoming B&B in Provincetown Excellent times benefited Cape Cod in the early 19th century, and by the late 1800’s Provincetown was the richest port in Massachusetts. Huge incomes were made by hardy men harvesting whales and salting the abundant codfish from which the peninsula got its name. However, fishing brought more than affluence to Provincetown. Early on it brought the employment of Azorean’s to crew fishing vessels, and established a diverse community that was no longer populated solely by descendants of English colonists. This infusion of culture developed a spirit helping to spark the artistic and liberal traditions...

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I was 12 years old, in early days of analog FM broadcasts, when I bought my first component radio. Many nights were spent tuning in different stations, getting different viewpoints. My favorite: KPPC, broadcasting from high above the Los Angeles basin. Billing itself counterculture and playing long full album-side non-conformist tracks, it was “underground” music. Those were different days, or so I thought, until a friend sent me a link to Radio Garden. Launched in December 2016, this publicly funded website hooks up with over 8000 radio station URLs around the globe. It turns out many of these “stations”...

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Arriving at Land’s End –
A Road Trip to Provincetown

A unique destination, discovered by Vikings and home to descendants of Pilgrims, Provincetown has long been a safe harbor for Portuguese fishermen, American artists and bohemian freethinkers. Known today simply as P’town, it continues to attract those seeking the outdoor, artistic and outside-the-box lifestyles. The Map Embedded above is the intersection between a story and earth orbiting satellites, an interactive Google Map Mashup. As with all Google Maps this is scalable. and drilling down to your destination will reveal a mashup that’s populated with hooks to the travel cloud – just click on any marker to reveal a sub-window...

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Walking Montepulciano

Bacchus in Tuscany – Francisco Redi, 1685 “Hear, all ye drinkers! Give ear, and give faith, to our edict divine – Montepulciano’s the King of all Wine!” The Map Embedded in this post is an intersection between a story and space age satellites, an interactive Google Mashup Map of Montepulciano. In addition to the map’s standard scaling and scrolling abilities, mashups populate it with information. It’s optimized both for desktops while planning at home and portable devices wherever a Wi-Fi connection is available as you walk this medieval city. The Wine Vino di Nobile has been celebrated since Etruscan...

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Cañon del Colca – The Seed Scatterers of Peru

Ancient cultures all revere the night skies and many myths revolve around the heavens. One of the oldest in the Andes, and one involving a star cluster generating myths in cultures around the globe, concerns the Pleiades. Cañon del Colca I leave Arequipa early on a modern 16 seat Mercedes-Benz bus bound for the headwaters of the Cañon del Colca. This is the giant gorge cut into the Andes Mountains by the Rio de Colca – a physical expression combining the Pacific Ring of Fire, river water, and the aftermath of a collision between two enormous plates of the...

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Le Crete Senesi –
The Italian Road Trip

In his classic road movie La Strada, Anthony Quinn finds adventure driving Italian roads. On the Crete Senesi I found this adventure too… Le Crete Map Driving Le Crete The starting point for the trip begins in Siena, my home base for jet lag recovery and stocking up on road trip supplies. I’m set to leave this UNESCO World Heritage city behind and plunge south into the countryside, at times traveling on roads built over Etruscan paths. Naturally I was bit concerned about driving in a foreign land where, Dio ce ne guardi, a minor fender bender requires a...

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Flipping Off the Intensity Switch

On my first visit into New York City I instantly fell in love. I’d always blown through JFK with the quick connection, hurriedly moving on to other destinations. This time my itinerary gave me a full day and night layover so I caught the train into the crowded canyons of Manhattan — it’s actually very simple — to experience first-hand the things that make the material life full. The entertainment, nightlife, sights, sounds, and flavors – I found it all here. However, the colors seem garishly bright and lights sometimes assault the eyes. A cacophony rings in the ears....

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Driving into Tuscan/Umbrian Culture

Tuscany and Umbria In all of Italy, Tuscany and Umbria are tops in my book. Friends who’ve visited all tell me they love it and although I normally don’t follow the herd, I have to admit I love it too. To me, Toscana and Umbro epitomize the Italy that travelers’ dream about – with all the intact medieval architecture and towering cyprus-lined lanes, plus wine and the flavors of delectable food. As with any trip time is limited, so are six days/seven nights going to be enough to cover these towns? Realistically, the answer is no – but road...

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Welcome to ITKT

I am Devin Galaudet the Editor in Chief of ITKT. I am asked all the time how I did it? Was it worth? Changing my life around to make travel a priority. The short answer is yes. It was really a lifestyle choice. It hasn’t always been easy but I have never regretted it. If you are like me, you might want to explore what I did to get started.

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