Somewhere in Rio Janeiro

Brazil travel stories

A Day in Rio Das Pedras, Brazil

A Summer Day at Rio Das Pedras, Brazil The Dance at Rio Das Pedras, Brazil I am at Rio Das Pedras, Brazil. The sun beats overhead and Maravilha dances alone on the stage with humidity heavy in the air – typical of a Brazilian summer. He gyrates and glides with style...

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Beyond Words –
Brazil for the Deaf Traveler

Part of the appeal of traveling to other places is broadened horizons, right? New languages, new people: all part and parcel of the spice of a new country. As a deaf traveler, negotiating my way through a new culture in complete silence was doubly difficult in...

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An Ode to Life Magazine and Gordon Parks

An Ode to Life Magazine and Gordon Parks An Ode to Life Magazine and Gordon Parks As part of my trip to Brazil, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite photographers, Gordon Parks. In 1961, Parks released a photo series for Life magazine, “Freedom's Fearful Foe:...

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Rio De Janeiro Becomes World Heritage Site

Christ Redeemer and Rio, Brazil, now Tops to UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage Recognizes Rio De Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – The UNESCO Heritage Committee has elected the city of Rio de Janeiro as the first big city to receive the title of World Heritage Site in the...

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My CISV Experience

My CISV Experience   Before I could say “hello” or ask what was wrong, the girls teared up and said they had a confession. They had picked the lock to the female leaders’ room -- which was off limits – stolen a full jar of Nutella, and had eaten the entire thing....

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LAN Airlines Offers Spring Specials to South America

(MIAMI, FL, March 2012) – LAN Airlines, South America’s premier carrier, and its affiliates invite passengers to celebrate the arrival of springtime by booking a trip to South America. Savvy travelers can get a head start on planning a summer getaway this year by...

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LAN Airlines Announces the Biggest Deal of the Year

 (MIAMI, November 28, 2011) – LAN Airlines, South America´s premier air carrier, and its affiliates announce the biggest deal of the year! Passengers looking to travel to South America next year can book now through December 12, 2011 and enjoy savings on trips to...

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Brazilia, Brazil, and Travel Serendipity

Brazilia, Brazil, and Travel Serendipity Who actually plans a trip to Brazilia, Brazil’s made-to-order capital city? Not me. It was, however, a three-day stop en route from Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon. I can’t say that Brasilia is enchanting or charming by...

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