Compassion in Cambodia by Drilling a Well

The Buddha was once asked to name the key for happiness. He pondered a moment, then replied “If you want to be happy, practice compassion”. Nu Tarth practices compassion.

His life today is far removed from where it began as a child on the “Killing Fields” of the Pol Pot regime. After pulling together the half of his family that survived those times, he put himself through college and started a tour business in Siem Reap. However, memories of the deprivation he lived through never left him. His agency is no ordinary for profit business, and the money generated provides some of the funds needed to support his charity work. In addition to the orphanage and school he runs, nearly 100 wells drilled throughout the area have his fingerprints on them.

Family and Nu Tarth (left)I met Tarth on a trip through this war-torn land and was inspired by his resiliency to endure what he has and to bounce back to where he is. After returning home my colleagues and I pooled our donations and sponsored a well. Take a moment to view his web presence (go to the link below and then click on the Charity Projects, then select Clean Water) to see examples of his work. For the small sum of $250 you can support his efforts and save a family the misery of surviving on dirty water. The beneficiaries of your compassion will thank you.

For an update on this story, Update: Compassion in Cambodia

Steve-Smith-and-Christine-Johnson-250Steve Smith inherited the wanderlust and has always needed to see what’s around the next corner. Together with his wife and co-pilot Christine Johnson, their college days were spent enjoying many memorable (and cheap) forays into Mexico sleeping under the stars. Today these excursions are typically press trips and hotels, but gathering unique experiences by getting to know places and people rather than observing as tourists is still their approach to travel. After numerous journeys to North/Latin/South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, they believe this is the true way to experience different cultures.

Author: Steve Smith

Steve Smith inherited the wanderlust and has always needed to see what’s around the next corner. In his college years he enjoyed many memorable (and cheap) forays into Mexico sleeping under the stars, but today that’s all changed. Since 2006 he’s contributed stories and photographs to the digital magazine In The Know Traveler, and in 2014 he assumed an associate editor role with the same. Published both in digital and print formats, his international assignments have taken him to the Middle East, Asia, North/Latin/South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. His Facebook page (Steve’s Roadtrippin’ Travels) spotlights both his photography and how his global road travels intersect with digital storytelling using dynamic space-age mapping technology.

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  1. I can’t help but notice you doing good deeds on that sign pointed out by Nu. Good job Steve.

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  2. Thank you Devin.

    I hope it inspires others to get involved. After all, you don’t have to have the resources of Bill and Melinda Gates to take humanitarian actions.

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  3. Family is there right now. He started a web site called:

    Remarkable human being. Every penny helps these people

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  4. Horrible news gets so much play in the media that its wonderful to read about efforts such as this. Thanks for highlighting the efforts that this man is making. I hope the information inspires others to participate.

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  5. I agree, mass media often portrays just the most sensational stories in the quest for ratings. My hope is that others will do what I and my friends have done many times – pool our donations to achieve the greatest good. Not only for water wells, but his school and orphanage too.

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