Cyprus Celebrates 50

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I haven’t seen Tasoula in several years and it was long overdue to check in on the news about Cyprus. I am glad I did. Cyprus has some big news coming up. The small country in the Eastern Aegean area of the Mediterranean has a big 50th anniversary of Independence, just as Hawaii and Alaska did last year. They look good for their...

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Cyprus, Facts at a Glance

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Situated in the eastern Mediterranean, the island of the republic of Cyprus has attracted visitors for ten thousand years. Owing to its location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, its cultural influences are diverse, with historic monuments dating back to the ancient Greeks and a modern 20th-century lifestyle with some vestiges of the colonial legacy left by the British; Stone Age ruins and Roman amphitheatres stand beside Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses and Crusader castles. While 2.5 million Europeans visit Cyprus each...

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Food and Culture in Cyprus (video podcast)

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One in a series of podcasts from VEMEX, the Visit Europe Media Exchange. Here, we learn what is up and coming for travelers visiting Cyprus in 2007. Maryl chats with Tasoula of Cyprus Tourism. Maryl meets with Tasoula of Cyprus Tourism to learn about food and attractions on the small island nation that is part of the European Union. Produced for In The Know Traveler by Wayfarer Digital. For more on Cyprus at in The Know...

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