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Bandits of Barcelona

Retrospectively my priorities were probably somewhat skewed, but I remember experiencing a strong sense of loss for the chocolate that was in my bag. Admittedly it wasn't any ordinary chocolate, but a chocolate with the pinnacle percentile of cocoa, which is 78 by the...

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“Next Train Game” – Aachen, Germany

My favorite thing to do when traveling is - play the “Next Train Game”. As a traveler it can become monotonous waiting for the train to so-and-so place at so-and-so time. I don’t want to spend my time waiting to travel, I want to be traveling each and every moment I...

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Sparkling Caves and Baby Dragons in Slovenia

Postojna Caves My underground journey began with an open-air train ride. I felt like I was in an Indian Jones movie as I flew through narrow subterranean passages, and past wide open spaces with stalactites hanging like crooked teeth. The train took me 2 kilometers...

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Dog-sledding in Svalbard, Norway

After a late night wandering the streets of Longyearbyen, under the midnight sun, I was up early. Waiting in the crisp Arctic morning air, my breath visible despite it being June, I could see the tour van driving towards the guesthouse that I was staying in. This was...

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Walking Montepulciano

"Hear, all ye drinkers! Give ear, and give faith, to our edict divine - Montepulciano's the King of all Wine!" Bacchus in Tuscany - Francisco Redi, 1685 Using the Map Embedded in this post is an intersection between a story and space age satellites, an interactive...

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Things To See and Do London

Things to do in London London is perhaps the most iconic of the incredible cities of the past. There is almost too much to do. Whether it is food, culture, architecture, museums, riding the tube (as I have on many days) or traditional tourist destinations like the...

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Driving into Tuscan/Umbrian Culture

Tuscany and Umbria In all of Italy, Tuscany and Umbria are tops in my book. Friends who've visited all tell me they love it and although I normally don’t follow the herd, I have to admit I love it too. To me, Toscana and Umbro epitomize the Italy that travelers’ dream...

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Eating Ireland

Food in Ireland Fish and Chips in Ireland I am an unapologetic travel addict. So it’s no surprise I jumped at a recent, last minute invitation to stay with friends just outside of Limerick, Ireland. I was eager to see the land of verdant hills, castles, Celtic...

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Loving Slovenia (video)

Have you Traveled to Slovenia? Yes, we got married in Slovenia I met with Ursa representing Slovenian Tourism and Kompas to discuss our wedding and what is happening in Slovenia for travelers. There is lots of explore. So watch the video...

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