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Hotel New Otani Tokyo
Is now offering a special promotional rate through Aug. 31, 2006, “Stay 5 Get Super Saver Discount” for guests who stay for 5 consecutive nights or more.

Hotel New Otani Osaka Is offering a “Business Value Package” through Dec. 31, 2006. This special package includes: a deluxe room, personal attendants, a welcome drink, morning coffee delivered to the room, use of the conference room (up to two hours per stay), buffet breakfast, use of high-speed internet and 50% discount on drinks at the bar (excluding the Main Bar “Castle”). The special rates are 10% commissionable to travel agencies by providing their IATA numbers upon making reservations. For reservations, please access with the chain code of NO for Hotel New Otani Tokyo and LW for Hotel New Otani Osaka.

For further information, please contact New Otani Hotels North America Sales Office at
1-800-421-8795 or 213-629-1114.

The Gigantic Dinosaur Expo 2006
Some of the largest dinosaurs from all over the world will be on display at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture (1 hr. from Tokyo) from July 15 through September 10, 2006. The highlight of this exposition is a “Supersaurus” dinosaur specimen exceeding 33 meters (108 feet) in length.

Miho Museum

A special summer exhibition entitled “Japanese Ancient Glass” is scheduled from July 15 through August 20, 2006. This exhibition examines how this transparent medium was perceived throughout the ages in Japan since it was first introduced in the Yayoi period (300 B.C.-300 A.D.). It also explores how and for what purposes this precious material was used.

Blooming Hokkaido
Hokkaido − Hokkaido is the northernmost of the four major islands that make up the Japanese archipelago. The island is known for its natural beauty, featuring a high mountain range that includes active volcanoes in the middle. Hokkaido has four distinct seasons, each accompanied by different types of beauty. Floral activity is most beautiful from Spring to Autumn.

Apr − May: Crocuses, Skunk Cabbage, Cherry Trees, Azaleas and some Tulips & Roses.
Jun − Jul: Azaleas, Tulips, Roses, Japanese Roses, Moss Pinks, Ezosukashi Lily, Lilies, Lavenders,          Potatoes, and some Lilacs & Sunflowers.
Aug − Sep: Roses, Japanese Roses, Lilies, Lavenders, Sunflowers, Cosmoses,          Glassworts,Chrysanthemums & Maples.
Oct − Nov: Roses, Japanese Roses, Chrysanthemums, Maples & some Sunflowers, Cosmoses,          Glassworts.

For detailed tourist information on Hokkaido and flower calendars, visit:
Air access to Chitose Airport in Hokkaido: 1 hr. 30 min.
from Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport (NRT);
1 hr. 45 min. from Kansai Int’l Airport (KIX).

Author: Devin Galaudet

Before being Editor-in-Chief of In The Know Traveler and In The Know Traveler USA, Devin has had stints in antiques, construction, film and as a professional card player. Devin Galaudet has now found his niche combining his passion for travel and writing. Devin still freelances for a popular trade publication and honors this path as a labor of love. When he is not writing Devin enjoys his pixie-like thirteen-year-old daughter and reading confusing esoteric books. He holds a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

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