Uummannaq – An Exciting Destination in Greenland

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Uummannaq – An Exciting Destination in Greenland

Uummannaq is Greenland’s answer to the holiday’s one-stop-shopping. If you are going to Uummannaq, you will find a place with an abundance of the ingredients and experiences that many would like to find in Greenland. In Uummannaq you have glaciers and icebergs, towering mountains and whales, sled dogs, sailing and much more. If you should choose one destination in Greenland and get the most out of your stay, Uummannaq is a good bet. By Steffen Fog On a late summer or autumn trip to Uummannaq, it is possible to have an eventful and evocative...

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Save 10% on Hurtigruten’s “Heart of Greenland” Explorer Voyage

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Save 10% on Hurtigruten’s “Heart of Greenland” Explorer Voyage

(New York, NY, October 2011) – Guests can immerse themselves in Greenland, learning about the country’s Inuit culture through direct interaction and conversation on Hurtigruten’s 2012 “Heart of Greenland” explorer voyage.   Those travelers booking by December 31, 2011 save 10% off regular fares.  The core of the nine-day itinerary is built on the desire voiced by many of Hurtigruten’s guests to have a more intimate experience on their visits to the small towns and villages on the Greenland coast.  Examples include: in Itilleq Township an...

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How to Get to Greenland

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How to Get to Greenland

If package tours are not for you and you want to plan your own trip day by day, a good place to start is on Air Greenland, or Air Iceland. All that clicking to and from websites, searching for dates and prices, can sometimes make you lose sight of the overall itinerary, which is why we have tried to make life easier by using the old-fashioned method. The PDF tables below give you a complete overview of the flight departures from Denmark and Iceland to Greenland in 2011, flying with Air Greenland and Air Iceland. Understanding the Tables In...

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Greenland on a Budget

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New York, NY, July 2009 — As interest in Greenland grows, especially as regards its ongoing significance in the global warming debate, Hurtigruten is making it easier and more affordable for North Americans to get a first-hand look at the changing landscape and learn about its history, geography, culture, wildlife and environment from onboard experts during lectures and land excursions. Whether the consumer is interested in a “25% Off + 2 Hotel Nights” deal with savings of 25% and free hotel nights in Copenhagen; traveling...

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Experience Greenland’s Coastline

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Onboard the coastal “buses” you can meet the population of Greenland that is also on the move. The sailing route follows the coastline and the view is constantly changing. Travelers pass the time in the lounge reading, playing cards or watching videos, whilst happy children of all ages romp around them. The ship’s course frequently has to be altered in order to avoid icebergs that have no intention of moving to ease the constraints of the timetable. From the deck you can see inquisitive seals and perhaps you will be lucky enough to get a...

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Explore Greenland

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EXPLORE GREENLAND AND LEARN ABOUT OUR CHANGING CLIMATE DURING TOUR LED BY NOTED ENVIRONMENTALIST DAVID HATCH In summer, Greenland’s isolated Arctic high country offers spectacular scenery and indigenous wildlife that includes a herd of approximately 5,000 musk oxen. It is home to giant icebergs, colorful villages and eons-old glaciers that frequently “calve” (breaking off large chunks of ice that crash into the fjord). On a new tour program to the world’s largest island, you’ll enjoy the unique culture of the “high arctic” as you meet...

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Cruise Denmark to Greenland

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Travel tip: Cruise the Atlantic from Denmark to Greenland At the beginning of June, Albatros Travel is arranging a unique transatlantic cruise lasting 16 days from Copenhagen to Greenland via Bergen (Norway), the Faeroe Islands, Vestmanna Islands, Iceland, Cape Farewell and Kangerlussuaq. The Danish travel agency uses the fine ocean-going vessel M/S Clipper Adventurer, which is fully equipped for North Atlantic cruises with stabilizers and a hull reinforced for sailing in ice-filled waters. The voyage begins in Copenhagen, Denmark, and...

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The Greenland Backgrounder

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OVERVIEW Greenland, a part of the Danish realm, was discovered by Norways Erik the Red after he was exiled from Iceland. It was he who gave the land the name “Greenland” in hopes of enticing settlers to the wintery destination from the more temperate Iceland. However, the Inuit have been living in Greenland for more than 4,500 years. While it is true that more than 80% of Greenland’s surface is covered in ice, much of the southern and western coast of the island is green. Situated between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, Greenland is...

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Explore High Arctic for Climate Change

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See the Effects of Global Warming First-Hand Global warming. You’ve read about it, heard about it on television but likely never have witnessed first-hand its troubling impact on this planet. Now you can, by joining one of a series of “Changing Climate” tour programs scheduled to visit the high Arctic this summer. Each program is designed to bring ordinary folk into the Arctic regions to witness for themselves the environmental and social impact of our changing climate. They will look at geographical issues such as glaciers, open water and...

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Fly for Free, Greenland

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New York, NY, January 2008 — Greenland, a rising star on the radar of many experienced travelers, has just gotten less expensive. Hurtigruten, a dominant player in the field of expedition cruising, has announced a “Book A Suite – Fly For Free” special on four eight-day Disko Bay sailings (June 26, July 3, 10 and 17) and the August 28th 15-day Disko Bay/Thule itinerary. Bookings must be made by March 15 and cannot be combined with other discounts. Prices for suites are $7,699 to $11, 399 on the eight-day, and $11, 499 to $20,899 on the...

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Memories of Delicious Greenland

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They may do Starbucks in the mornings, I thought, but I rationalized they were the health-food addicted with an eye for morally conscious alternatives to the food I enjoy. I stood in the health food aisle and watched tanned and well-toned ladies flock around a woman with full-nelson biceps who was hawking a green quinoa drink more suited for a medicine cabinet than a food market. The woman chortled its healing and energetic properties that never hurt an animal in its development and the ladies agreed in politically correct nods. I dared a sip...

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Unusual Museums in Germany

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From science and technology to Easter eggs and everyday life in the former GDR – Germany’s museums have it all. The exhibitions are fun, unique and simply not to be found anywhere else in the world in quite the same way. In northern Germany, find out how a tornado starts, why soap bubbles shimmer in such a colorful way and why every human being is unique. In the Universum Science Center in Bremen museum which resembles a giant whale surfacing the ocean, science fans can experience hands-on features such as a submarine for deep sea...

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Finally, an Easy Way to Greenland! (video podcast)

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I catch up with Peter Litner of Air Greenland to discuss the upcoming launch of direct flights from Baltimore to Greenland, for the first time ever in May, at the Los Angeles Times Adventurers Expo. For more on Greenland at ITKT. This podcast was produced by Wayfarer Digital for In The Know Traveler. To see our great videos and interviews you need Quick Time 7.0 or better. The photographs comes from my personal collection of one of my favorite destinations, and yes, the Fjords and icebergs are that...

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Cruise from Arctic to Antarctica

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New York, NY, December 2006 — In announcing what is believed to be a true first for the cruise industry, Norwegian Coastal Voyage has unveiled a new 66-day Expedition, “World Cruise – From Arctic to Antarctica,” filling passenger’s passports with visits to 44 ports in 17 countries on four continents, taking a longitudinal route from pole-to-pole. Upon stepping aboard the new 160-stateroom MS Fram, the world’s newest and most deluxe expedition ship, on September 18, 2007, guests will take up residency and embark on an odyssey of...

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There is a Santa Claus!

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The rain became ice that fell sideways against a furious wind. I also trudged at an angle toward the last building on the deserted street against a windswept coastline featuring the largest mailbox I had ever seen. It was bright red and contrasted Nuuk’s gray November sky. The snow crunched beneath my feet as I trudged for a closer look. As small as Nuuk is it still felt too big and too far south to really be the North Pole. However, I was assured that this was really Santa’s House — actually Santa’s post office. Legend has it that...

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