Flipping Off the Intensity Switch

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Flipping Off the Intensity Switch

On my first visit into New York City I instantly fell in love. I’d always blown through JFK with the quick connection, hurriedly moving on to other destinations. This time my itinerary gave me a full day and night layover so I caught the train into the crowded canyons of Manhattan — it’s actually very simple — to experience first-hand the things that make the material life full. The entertainment, nightlife, sights, sounds, and flavors – I found it all here. However, the colors seem garishly bright and lights sometimes...

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Jordan: Friendly Reminders

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Jordan: Friendly Reminders

· Do not buy rocks or pottery: Keep your souvenirs eco-friendly. Picking up or buying rock fragments encourages vendors to break pieces off the monuments to sell to tourists. · Do not buy antiquities: Stick to the law: buying antiquities is illegal. · Please refrain from picking flowers or plants: Conserve the natural flora of Petra by not picking flowers and plants. · Do not write, touch or scrape the walls: Sandstone is very sensitive; ancient treasures can easily be destroyed. · Stay on trails, rocks can fall easily: To stay safe, keep to...

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The New and Old of Jordan

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Within a few hours of arriving in Amman, I was weaving through the tiny, traffic clogged arteries of the old city centre, the Ballad. The fluorescent green light of the city’s many mosques, fleck the surrounding hills as dusk falls. The red, white, black and green of Jordan’s national flag hangs from nearly every white-stoned building in the city, with pictures of a smiling King Abdullah II and his glamorous wife Queen Rania, lit up outside all official buildings. This is a big year for Jordan. 2009 marks 10 years of King Abdullah’s rule over...

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Discover More in Jordan

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For many people Jordan begins and ends with the magical ancient Nabataean city of Petra. And it’s true, Petra is without doubt one of the Middle East’s most spectacular, unmissable sights, battling it out with Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat for the title of the world’s most dramatic ‘lost city’. Yet there’s so much more to see in Jordan – ruined Roman cities, Crusader castles, desert citadels and powerful biblical sites: the brook where Jesus was baptised, the fortress where Herod beheaded John the...

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Religious Market in Jordan

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Religious Tourism Trends In Jordan – Sit Up and Take Notice Statistics: One in four travelers would like a spiritual component to their vacations. (Travel Industry of America ) International travel from the USA for religious purposes rose 36% from 575,000 (2005) to 905,000 (2006), while overall outbound travel grew by only five percent. (US Office of Travel & Tourism Industries) There are 400,000 churches and faith organizations in the USA , an estimated 50,000 have travel programs. (World Religious Travel Association) The market is...

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Tourism Industry Certifications in Jordan

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Tourism industry certifications in Jordan offered by JITOA Tourism industry certifications in Jordan, accredited by institutes worldwide, will be made available by the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA). The number of international certifications offered by JITOA will increase to include the Certified Travel Associate (CTA), the Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) and the Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE). The courses have all been specifically created for different staff levels with the CTA focusing on improving sales,...

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BMI Enhances Middle East Travel

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bmi, Heathrow’s second largest carrier, has today (18 July) announced that it will serve a new destination as well as introduce major enhancements to its network of services from Heathrow with effect from 28 October this year. The airline is to launch daily flights from London to the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The new competitive service will be operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft in a two class business and economy configuration. bmi also announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with EgyptAir, which will see the carriers enter...

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The 25th Jerash Festival in Jordan

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The Greco-Roman city of Gerasa will host the silver jubilee celebration of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts starting July 25. The South Theatre will be the venue for official opening, featuring Jordanian vocalists accompanied by the National Jordanian Orchestra, Lubna Far, acting general manager of the festival, announced. The festival, which will run through August 17, includes a versatile cultural and artistic programme that will include broad local, Arab and international participation, Farr added. “It will be remembered as a...

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Announcing the New Seven Wonders of the World

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A worldwide popular vote has been underway to select the New Seven Wonders of the World, sites to be listed alongside the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World. The 7 winners, out of 77 finalists, were selected today – 7/7/07 (notice the numeric theme going on here). These are the seven receiving the most votes: Chichen Itza, Mexico See the ITKT video on Chichen Itza Christ Redeemer statue, Brazil Coliseum, Italy Great Wall, China Read about the Great Wall on ITKT Machu Pichu, Peru Petra, Jordan See the ITKT video on Petra Taj Mahal, India...

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Unforgettable Jordan (video podcast)

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Steve Smith just returned from Jordan and I was dying to see the pictures. They didn’t disappoint. Now I want to to go to Jordan. I suppose some may want to avoid Jordan due its proximity to neighboring countries, but this is a ridiculous idea. Jordan has a much larger reputation for being one of the safest countries and Steve had a few thoughts on this issue as well. For more on Jordan at ITKT Or subscribe to our videos on...

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“Blessed Are the Merciful…” Voluntourism in Jordan

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A relatively recent development in tourism, socially conscious “voluntourism” is quickly gaining popularity. So, what is Voluntourism? Basically, it unites the best of travel with giving something back to society in return. Travelers get to enjoy the art, heritage sites, and the recreation of a destination, but also have the chance to immerse in the local culture while serving both the people and places visited. In my Holy Week journey through Jordan, I experienced this practice firsthand at the Al-Hussein Society for the...

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March at ITKT

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Hey Travelers, if you haven’t noticed yet ITKT has begun posting my recent foray into the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. The trip sparkled with many highlights that will dribble out over the next few weeks. But that’s not all that has been going on around here! ITKT writers were all over the globe exploring both common trails and more exotic locales. Jesse just returned from Eleuthera, the long skinny island in the Bahamas. Steve is in Jordan and closing in on New Seven Wonders finalist Petra. Jason came home from Turkey a few days...

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The Streets of Amman

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The talk on the streets of Amman reflects the same timeless worries that affect all of humankind. According to a recent Zogby poll that included people in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco, the Jordanian people are more worried about their economic well-being and social values than about regional instabilities around them. Jordanians ranked these concerns highest of the five categories in the survey with regional problems, such as Iraq, coming in last. The war in Iraq does not seem to register much as...

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The Facts on Jordan

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Location: Jordan is located in the heart of the Middle East, Northwest of Saudi Arabia, south of Syria, Southwest of Iraq, and east of Israel and the Occupied West Bank. Jordan has access to the Red Sea via the port city of Aqaba, located at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba. Geographic co-ordinates: 29 – 34 00 N, 35 – 39 E Population: 5,460,265 (July 2003 est.) Area: total: 89,213 sq. km (34, 445 sq. miles) land: 88,884 sq. km (34, 318 sq. miles) water: 329 sq. km (127 sq. miles) Capital: Amman (1.9 million / 38% of total...

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Vote for the New 7 Wonders

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In what could be the largest vote ever, the world will soon choose the New Seven Wonders of the World to stand alongside the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World. In January, the New7Wonders committee, chaired by Dr. Federico Mayor, selected 21 finalists out of the 77 nominated sites. You can have a say in the selection of the final seven by casting your vote. From anywhere in the world, call +423 663 90 02 99 and use the code numbers below that correspond to the site of your choice. Or you can go to: and...

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