Luxembourg for Toddlers

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Luxembourg for Toddlers

Commonly overlooked as nothing more than a business destination, my two year old daughter Electra will now attest that Luxembourg City is a surprisingly perfect place to take young children. The two of us travelled there together and found a small scale, accessible, safe and friendly UNESCO world heritage site which packs in multiple kid-friendly attractions. There are plenty of appealing discoveries, but one of the best is MUDAM (Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean). Exceptional architecturally, it was designed by I.M. Pei and opened in 2006....

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Luxembourg’s Hostellerie du Grunewald

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Situated at the very heart of Western Europe is a small country named Luxembourg, which is 80km long and 68km wide. Luxembourg City, the Grand Dutchy’s capital, founded in 963, has maintained an atmosphere of contemplative tranquility and at its historic core (declared a World Heritage) reveals a blend of contrasting styles of architecture developed over the past five centuries. The surrounding countryside of endless forests is dotted with orchids and small villages. The phrase Dynamite Comes in Small Packages is rather fitting in this...

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Vianden Turns 700

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In 2008 the lovely Ardennes city of Vianden in the northeast part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is celebrating its 700th anniversary. The programme of events to mark this occasion will start on 20 January with a concert in historical costumes at Vianden Castle, which was owned by the Orange-Nassau dynasty from 1417 to 1890. On Carnival Monday there will be a procession through the narrow medieval streets of the town. On the eve of Luxembourg’s national day, 22 June 2008, a host of events will bring the street to life in the presence of...

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Faster Trains in France

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One week after the French broke the new world speed record for steel-wheel-on-steel-rails (357 mph) and 60 days before the start of commercial service, tickets and schedules for the newest high-speed TGV* rail line, TGV East, are available from Rail Europe. Rail Europe is a subsidiary of the French National Railroads (SNCF) and largest North American supplier of European rail travel. TGV East will cut current train travel times by one-third to one-half between 20 destinations in France, as well as between Paris and 10 destinations in Germany,...

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Lumexbourg Wine

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Wines and crémant wines from Luxembourg win twenty-seven medals at the World Competition Every year, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg reaffirms its importance on the international wine scene. Furthermore, a Luxembourg wine has won the prize for ‘Best Crémant Wine’ at the very popular World Competition for the second consecutive year. The Domaine Kohll-Reuland vintage (Crémant Wine of Luxembourg) thus joins the list of award winners from the Ecusson de Bernard-Massard Vintage. The Luxembourg record includes ten gold and sixteen silver medals. A...

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New Bike Map for Luxembourg

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In collaboration with the ‘Tourismuszentrale Saarland’, the ‘Mosellandtouristik’ and the ‘Communauté d’Agglomération Sarreguemines Confluences’, the Luxembourg National Tourism Office has just drawn up a new edition of the cycle map ‘VeloRoute SaarLorLux’. This practical map provides information in French and German on the different routes in the various areas, as well as the various tourist attractions alongside the bicycle paths. Over approx. 340 km, the VeloRoute links the cities of Luxembourg, Sarrebruck and Trier. It mostly follows the...

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Devin says, “Be the First Voice on ITKT for this country”

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