Getting Around in Monte Carlo

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What traveler of the French Cote d’Azur (the French Riviera) can possibly resist the temptation to take a side trip to Monaco and its capital Monte Carlo? To look at the cathedral where Grace Kelly became a princess, and sadly also buried, to marvel at the architecture of the Casino and the Hotel de Paris, to stroll along the waterfront and admire the countless gleaming yachts moored there or to enter the fabulous underwater world of the Musee Oceanographique whose director was Jacques Cousteau for over 20 years, all create memorable...

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Breaking the Bank in Monte Carlo

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Due to my informal dress, I couldn’t peek beyond the lobby of the famed Monte Carlo Casino. I saw serious high-rollers show up in serious attire — weighed down by heavy jewelry. They could roam as they pleased. Lacking the proper business suits or dresses, required attire for European casinos, I, the traveling slob was expected to amuse myself at the slot machines in the lobby. No matter. Once inside such a magnificent building, I couldn’t help but feel regal. I was surrounded by frescoes, bas-reliefs and sculptures. The atrium is...

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The Facts on Monaco

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The independent and sovereign Principality of Monaco has played a unique and colorful role throughout the history of the Mediterranean and Europe. Today, its undiminished reputation as a glamorous, first class, luxury vacation destination and business and financial center is complemented by its enduring commitment to the arts, the preservation of its own cultural traditions and the protection of the global environment. Monte-Carlo is its most famous district. Location: Between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by the French...

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