Mountain Torq on Mount Kinabalu

The World’s Highest and Asia’s First Via Ferrata – Mountain Torq on Mount Kinabalu offers the newest mountaineering sport in Asia

Via Ferrata allows people of all ages to traverse rock faces previously only accessible to mountaineers and rock climbers

One of the safest mountaineering sports requiring no prior training or technical expertise

Mountain Torq, the world’s highest and Asia’s first via ferrata opened in December 2007 offering a new, exhilarating, adrenalin-charged experience to climbers and hikers to world heritage site, Mount Kinabalu. A via ferrata (or ‘iron road’ in Italian), is a continuous protected mountain path. It consists of a series of steel rungs, rails and cables embedded into the rock face, opening up routes to the average hiker that were previously only accessible to experienced rock climbers and mountaineers with specialised equipment. Mountain Torq’s via ferrata enables climbers and non-climbers to experience the thrill of mountain climbing in complete safety, while taking in the spectacular mountain surroundings and summit views.

Located at Mount Kinabalu ’s Pana Laban rock face, Mountain Torq’s via ferrata begins at 3,400 metres and ends at 3,800 metres, making it the world’s highest via ferrata. It is an alternative route giving access to the top of Mount Kinabalu (4095m a.s.l.). The world’s second highest via ferrata, at 3,343 metres, is found halfway across the globe in the Italian Dolomites called the Marmolada West ridge. Mountain Torq’s via ferrata is approximatey 1.2 kilometres and traverses routes of varying difficulty. It thus caters to all levels of experience, from beginners to intermediate hikers and climbers. The more challenging and physically demanding routes, suited to those with above average fitness levels, will take climbers off-the-beaten track and includes negotiating a 22m foot bridge suspended at a breathtaking 3,600m a.s.l.

Said Wilfred Tok , Founder of Adventure Mountaineering Centre Sdh Bhd, the operator of Mountain Torq, “Aside from its record-breaking height, the launch of Mountain Torq’s via ferrata at Mount Kinabalu is also significant for the fact that it is Asia ’s newest mountaineering sport. Unlike other mountaineering or climbing activities, it is suitable for all ages, from 10 to 70 years and above. As long as you know how to and are still able to climb a ladder, you will be able to negotiate the via ferrata. All that is needed is a sprit of adventure, the average fitness level of a normal mountain hiker and no fear of heights.”

Mountain Torq’s via ferrata conforms to the highest international safety standards. It was constructed using only CE Mark-approved materials from France , which means that they satisfy stringent European Union quality standards. The via ferrata is able to withstand up to 3 tonnes of weight. Safety practices developed and prescribed by UIAA (the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation) for mountaineering sports are adhered to strictly. All equipment used in the sport is UIAA certified and participants are guided at all times by activity trainers who have undergone rigorous training, with regular skills upgrading based on an UIAA-endorsed syllabus. Furthermore, a continuous belay system is employed throughout the via ferrata route wherein climbers are always hooked up to a guideline, making any deviation from the route virtually impossible.

Of the various mountain climbing activities, via ferrata boasts one of the highest safety records, no mean feat considering its long history. Beginning in Europe, with increasing popularity elsewhere, especially in North America , the leisure mountaineering sport had its roots in World War I. The first via ferrata was constructed and used by the Italian military to move men and equipment in the Italian Dolomites across to Austria . Today, there are about 500 via ferrate[1] in the world, predominately in Italy , Germany , France , Austria , Slovenia , Switzerland , Spain and a few places in the United States and Canada .

Added Wilfred Tok , “We are delighted in being able to play a part in the development of Mount Kinabalu and the exotic island of Borneo as a world class destination for sports and adventure tourists. This is the first time a mountaineering activity is formally being introduced to Mount Kinabalu since 1964, when Kinabalu Park was first opened to the public. With Mountain Torq, Mount Kinabalu will entice travelers beyond just scaling the mountain. With this latest mountaineering activity, we can confidently say that Borneo is now a world class adventure destination with a myriad of ocean and mountain activities.”

In addition to the via ferrata, Mountain Torq, South East Asia’s first mountaineering training centre, also offers other mountaineering activities. With Mountain Torq’s via ferrata, tour operators will now be able to offer travelers a truly memorable and unique itinerary which will enhance their whole experience of beautiful Borneo and set it apart as a destination rivaled by few, if any.

About Mountain Torq

Mountain Torq’s activities are run by Adventure Factors Mountaineering Center (AFMC) Sdn Bhd. Based on Mount Kinabalu , Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, AFMC promotes adventure and mountaineering activities in Asia . The AFMC team is made up of South-East Asia ’s most accomplished mountain climbers, instructors and educators with a shared passion for the outdoors. Together with their team of staff, they seek to provide adventure tourists with the skills, knowledge and opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors safely and responsibly. AFMC is committed towards ecotourism and believes in developing the talents of the local community by providing training and gainful employment for members from these communities.

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  1. What a shame that Mountain Torq have decided to follow SSL (corrupt, shameless and exploitative) in putting up thier prices for next year. I suspect they are simply cashing in on the opportunity afforded by the fact that they have beds on the mountain and many people book with them just to climb. As I understand it they have a 35 – 45 % occupancy. This should encourage them to keep prices down but since about half of thier clients never use the Via Ferrata option its easy money. Singaporeans coming to Sabah to join in the free-for-all exploiting tourists. Its bad enough with west Malaysians doing it. Do you really think that the bad word has not gone around?

    Post a Reply
  2. Hi Emma,

    Not sure what you are referring to as this release does not offer pricing. Moreover, you claim certain information without sources making it difficult what your trying to point out, other than hospitality businesses look to make money, which is always true.

    Editor ITKT

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  3. The fact that the prices are not here is irrelevant surely, facts are facts wherever they are. The prices are up for next year in line with SSL, its a fact and everybody in the business knows it – I found out in Australia for goodness sake.
    Its a very high price and while there is no question about the quality of the via ferrata – I am sure it is very good, the bottom line is that the costs are following SSL’s totally unnecessary 30% increase, justifiable only because they have a monopoly.
    What a shame that they have to do this, it has done a lot more damage than they seem to realise, for once the Singaporeans are rubbish at business!

    Post a Reply
  4. Dear Emma,
    You seem to have either a bad experience or something against Singaporean and west malaysian??
    High Safety come with price. Wondering how much do you know about high adventure sport safety??

    Post a Reply
  5. i will agree with emma…ssl hike up the price because they (ssl) know tourist comes to sabah particularly kk to climb the mountain…how bout the local people can they climb it?? what i understand from a must book with a tour agent to climb…since ssl put up the price the local tour agent have to put the price…i bet this mountain torg people also knows that…sorry to say but this whats on my mind…peace

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  6. one more thing i would like to add…is mountain torg belongs to a local owner or foreigner??

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  7. Hi all,
    am planning to climb Low’s peak and King George’s peak this early July. I have been searching for cheap accomodation for the climb. I really shock when I see the price listed for the accomodation @ KK park and Laban Rata. I get more dissapointed when I read about the comments from those who stayed at the huts near Laban Rata in which rats and cockroaches are running around, and worse is the toilets are very dirty…oh dear…am so dissapointed. What should I do to get a cleaner accomodation at a decent rate. We have 3-4 persons and are going to KK w/ free n easy style, budget accom is a must for us. Really want to go Mt Kinab again (since the last climb in 2001). Can someone recommend something on the climb?
    Many thx!!
    caren 🙂

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  8. I had an extremely unpleasant experience last week with Mountain Torq, ferrata on Mt KK. Our group arrived late to the briefing, which was pushed from previously after 6pm to 3pm now. Our guide tried to get them to have another briefing but was denied. The package we had paid for obviously was hugely inflated due to the ferrata cost. Totally bad experience with them. Will never recommend anyone else to try this as long this company is operating it. I hope a competitor comes in to make them seat up, else the only way they grow their profit is to just constantly increase the fees every year and making terms so stringent that most of those who had paid for the climb, can’t climb.

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  9. hi, can anyone recommend a cheaper option than the MT torq?? they qouted me about RM$1500 for climbing via ferrata which i think is too xpensive: can’t really find anything useful or budget in the internet except laban rata & Mt Torq …

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