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Mount Cook National Park: A Whisper of Peace

New Zealand's National Park Stretching Out in Cook National Park Reclining on cushions I had wrested from my couch the previous morning, I stared out the open hatch of my Subaru past my outstretched legs. Somber clouds descended down; the undulating peaks faded to...

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Roadside Kindness in Queenstown

Hitchhiking in Queenstown Preparing for Queenstown So there I was—optimistic thumb outstretched, a sign that read “Queenstown,” an overweight backpack tipped over on the ground, and a cheery smile that I hoped didn’t look psychotic. I, like many, am a hitchhiker. It’s...

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Road trip through New Zealand’s South Island

Driving through nature's postcard It's like clicking through a stereoscope with picture after picture of gushing rivers, snow capped mountains and smooth straight roads. A different image appears at every turn of the wheel, whether static or moving, beckoning us to...

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Dishing up a Wellington food tour

A Wellington food tour that showcases the best of the city, New Zealand I feel like I should be breaking out the Jamie Oliver repertoire. “Look at this, with big plump raspberries and the moist buttery insides with a hint of citrus zest…” but who am I kidding? I am no...

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The Big Little City, Auckland, NZ

A View of Auckland New Zealand Way Above Auckland The squiggly brilliant green line of the North Island was like a painting. At 37,000 feet I stared curiously out the window of the Air Pacific 777. I was puzzled. It's not that I didn't know New Zealand was beautiful....

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Christchurch’s Earthquake Attraction – Quake City

EARTHQUAKE ATTRACTION OPENS AT CANTERBURY MUSEUM IN CHRISTCHURCH February 20, 2013, Santa Monica, Calif. – Just two years after the earthquake struck Christchurch (in the Canterbury region), not only are venue and hotel capacities bouncing back, but the Canterbury...

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Recharge this summer with Crowne Plaza

(SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) December 2012 – As the weather heats up and the days get longer, travellers are encouraged to relax and reinvigorate their souls with Crowne Plaza’s new Recharge promotion. From today, guests can embark on a summer sojourn with Crowne Plaza and...

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New Zealand Tours The Hobbit Locations

BERKELEY, CALIF.— On several New Zealand tours offered by Backroads, a company that offers hiking and biking tours around the world, travelers can enter the classic book of childhood fantasies, The Hobbit, for their own adventure. With sweeping vistas, mountain...

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New Zealand readies for Hobbit celebration

New Zealand is in the midst of a nationwide party of Middle-earth proportions as host of the global première of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, a production of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM) (28.11.2012). From Dwarves popping up on buildings...

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Celebrating New Zealand’s Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day is a public holiday held on 6 February every year to commemorate the signing of New Zealand's founding document - the Treaty of Waitangi - in 1840. The national holiday was first declared in 1974, and since then has grown in significance for all New...

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