Wedding Season in Lahore, Pakistan

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Wedding Season in Lahore, Pakistan

It was wedding season in Lahore, and this time I was ready. I laid out my various suits and saris on the bed to make sure I had appropriate accessories for each outfit, and an outfit for each day of the wedding. Something bright and playful for the mehndi (traditional henna tattooing), classy stilettos and a matching purse for the barat (when the groom’s family meets at the bride’s home), and an elegant faux gold jewelry set for the final day of the wedding ceremony, the walima. In the Punjab, the most popular time for couples to...

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Covering My Head in Pakistan

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Sitting on the plane from Kuwait to Islamabad, I kept wondering how big an issue wearing a headscarf would be – I am a woman entering a Muslim country after all. Friends who had been to Pakistan several years ago said they had been given bad looks for having their ankles showing and that they wore head scarves everywhere. I had a diaphanous, purple and blue scarf that I had bought in India with me. It was stuffed in my shoulder bag. I finally decided that I would wear the scarf draped around my neck over the light, long sleeved white cotton...

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Trekking up Baltoro in Pakistan

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I had heard from trekking friends that the Baltoro Glacier, in the Karakorum Range in northeastern Pakistan, was one of the most beautiful places in the world. I just got back from there and they were right! There are two mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakorum, which contain all 14 of the highest 8000 meter (26,247 ft) peaks in the world. The Himalayas actually originate in Pakistan and can be seen from the KKH (Karakorum Highway), which is a barely passable road due to the frequent rock fall. Despite the name, it is really not a...

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18-Day Global Exploration

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Washington, DC, July 10, 2006 – Long before the term “global economy” came into use, the borderless world was a reality thanks to caravans that moved spices, silk, gold and tea in an undulating, arduous course threading from the Far East to Arabia and into North Africa. Today, travelers with anything but commerce on their minds can retrace the steps of early traders, bartering ideas and ideals instead of goods, and dispensing with camels for plush adventures by private jet on Smithsonian Journeys’ “Great Trade Routes” expedition,...

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