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Breakfast with the Elephants of Sri Lanka

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Breakfast with the Elephants of Sri Lanka

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Some surprise guests arrived while I was finishing my breakfast. And it was well worth the interruption. I sat outside on my balcony enjoying the view of the Maha Oya River – swirling water studded by emerald palm trees. It was quiet, except for the singing of birds. I sipped a cup of local Ceylon tea. I was called out of my daydreams as the hotel staff alerted me that there was a group of elephants arriving. A herd of six was marching out into the water. With apparent enthusiasm, the regal creatures took on a...

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In an Elephant’s Eye

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I had been in Sri Lanka for a week, and now a couple of friends and I are passing through the interior of the island-nation the size of West Virginia. The road’s edge is lined with a four-pronged spacey wire fence standing roughly ten feet high, this marks the Minneriya National Park. Then we spot it – a monstrosity of a mammal standing on the other side of the electric fence. “Tissa [the driver], please stop!” I get out and inch over to the beast in aims to get the best photo possible. I am probably three to four feet from the fence, or so I...

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A Sip of Sri Lanka’s Tea Country

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Television news bombards us daily with images of global destruction, famine, disease, and wars. No wonder we despair at the future mankind is forging for itself, one filled with hopelessness and religious fanatics hiding behind guns. However, what the news does not show is a modified trend amongst the citizens of the world – a transfer from salvation to liberation; a change in mindset and taking responsibility, teaching other like-minded individuals by example. As a reporter I travel to many third-world countries, those with just...

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Sri Lanka by Balloon

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Adventure Tourism taken to Greater Heights with Hot Air Balloons The skies over Sri Lanka will light up from Saturday March 22nd for two weeks as the Sri Lanka Balloon Festival 2008 takes off the ‘ground’ with 72 international ballooning enthusiasts mainly from the UK, Ireland, Japan and Saudi Arabia, joining in the fun and adventure this year. The events will commence with ‘Night Glow’ on Saturday March 22nd when 22 Hot Air Balloons will be on display at a venue in Colombo . The main events – the ballooning over Sri Lankan landscape is...

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Food in Sri Lanka

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As diverse as its ethnicities, is the variety of food available in Sri Lanka. From Aubergines, to a host of green leafy vegetables, and papaws and bananas from home grown garden plots, to delicious four course menus to suit the most discerning; Sri Lanka has it all. To experience a gourmet adventure and indulge in cooking and sampling incredible dishes visit A must for food lovers and see what is “cooking” in Sri Lanka; where cooking three meals a day is a must in nearly every home. Log on to find out how to delight in Sri...

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Greaves Adds Sri Lanka and Bhutan

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Chicago – June 4th, 2007 – Greaves Tours has created two new tours to meet a growing demand for travel to Sri Lanka and Bhutan. The 10 day ‘The Emerald Island of Sri Lanka‘ and a 14-day ‘The Land of the Thunder Dragon’ are a splendid addition to the luxury tour operators existing portfolio specializing in exquisite travel to India. Prices lead in at US$3,668.00 & US$6,891.00. Reservations:; tel: 800-318-7801. Palm fringed beaches, Giant Buddhas, elephant, leopard and tea!… Greaves’ new...

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Sri Lankan Opens its Homes

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Visitors to Sri Lanka will have the rare opportunity to step inside the private world of one of Asia’s most celebrated architects when his country estate, Lunuganga, opens as an exclusive boutique hotel later this year. Geoffrey Bawa, widely acknowledged as the “father of Asian architecture” and also as Sri Lanka’s most prolific and influential architect, created a 25-acre tropical garden over several decades after purchasing an abandoned rubber estate, on the south west coast of the island at Bentota in l948. The Italian-inspired garden,...

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Sri Lanka Tourism

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Recent refurbishments, the opening of new coastal properties, keen investment interest from big players in the international hospitality industry and a positive tourism outlook are all strong indicators that Sri Lanka is geared up for a return to double-digit growth in tourist arrivals. Sri Lanka Tourist Board (SLTB) Chairman, Mr Udaya Nanayakkara, said: “It was a tragic year for us in 2004, but tourism is an extremely resilient industry and we are working hard to ensure that the buoyancy experienced up until the final days of last year will...

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