The Tibetan Travel Buddy, the Yak

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‘Yakety-Yak don’t talk back’, would have been my answer a while back, if you ever asked me to tell you all I know about Yaks. However, as I photograph my newly-found shaggy friend, it’s a completely different story. Let me explain. At the moment I am on a high. Literally. 5210 metres above sea level actually. I am driving through the Gyawo-La pass, one of the highest mountain passes in the world, along the Friendship Highway that links Lhasa, in Tibet, to Kathmandu, in Nepal. Gazing dreamily out of the window at the imposing Himalayan peaks...

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In’s and Out’s of Getting a Tibet Permit

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Boulder, CO – July 30, 2008 – With all the travel to China for the Olympics, the rules have changed to get a Chinese visa, which impacts many people traveling to Tibet. Here is everything you need to know to get your Tibet travel permit and your Chinese visa. TIBET All travelers going to Tibet will need a travel permit for Tibet, which must be arranged for you by a local tour operator. If you are traveling through China to get to Tibet, you will also need to get a Chinese visa ahead of time. If you are traveling through Nepal, then you do not...

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After the Olympics Take the Shangri-La Express

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BEIJING, CHINA – This summer, thousands of Americans are being introduced first-hand to China, while millions more watch on television as the no-longer-sleeping giant hosts the Olympic Games. Long after the Olympian crowds have left for home, you can add your name to the guest list with an 11-day, 10-night train tour aboard the “Shangri-La Express.” It takes you from Lhasa, Tibet to Beijing, China and is offered by The Great Canadian Travel Company, North America’s foremost experts in travel to the world’s least-traveled regions. Your...

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Asia Tourism Update

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Tibet delays May 1 re-opening – Natasha Dragun, Beijing (2008-04-24) TOURISM officials in the Tibet Autonomous Region have announced that international tourists would not be allowed back into Tibet on May 1 (a national holiday) as previously planned. Officials said that the region would re-open “soon”, but did not specify a date. Local agents reported that train tickets into Tibet for the May Day holiday had already sold out, despite the recent announcement. Meanwhile, areas around Tibet continue to open to tourists, including parts of...

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Tibet Re-Opens to Tourists

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The government of Tibet Autonomous Region has announced it will officially re-open the area to tourists on May 1. Lhasa re-opened Potala Palace on March 26 for the first time since business was suspended due to recent riots. In recent years, tourism has become an important part of the Tibetan economy. In 2007, the region received more than 2.7 million visitors, with the government hoping to grow that to 3.3 million in 2008.

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TCS-Expeditions World’s Great Faiths

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SEATTLE, WA – When Jennifer DuBois, vice president of operations at TCS Expeditions read the book “Geography of Religion,” published by National Geographic, she was determined to create a quest that would allow travelers to explore and experience the world’s great faiths. TCS Expeditions, known for its creative and one-of-a kind expeditions, began planning the first-ever, private-jet journey that would explore five great faiths of the world: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. TCS not only used “Geography of Religion” as its...

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From Yak to Beijing

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I arrived back in Beijing at the Beijing Sports University exhausted after delayed flights and bad airline “food.” The true delay was that some of my classmates decided to bring much of Tibet back with them in their luggage and so the group had to wait and help with the lugging of luggage. Classes started bright and early this morning, so the short breaks between sessions were filled with frantic errands like buying mops, toilet paper, bottled water, pencils, pens, and mao bi (paint brushes for Chinese characters and brush stroke...

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47 New Tours for Mountain Travel Sobek

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Emeryville, CA-September 18 2006-Adventurous travelers will have more exciting trip choices than ever as they begin planning their travel for the coming year: Mountain Travel Sobek, North America’s leading adventure travel company, has added 47 new adventures to their total roster of more than 135 worldwide group programs, not including nearly 30 special programs designed especially for private individual travel. New adventures include: ¨ Treks in Patagonia, Tibet, India, and an inn-to-inn trek to Machu Picchu ¨ Sea kayaking on...

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Xi Ning, Tibet with Eileen

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We spent our first 2 days in Xi Ning, which is actually Northern China/Northern Tibet. We have been driving by van through Northern China into Tibet, stopping at monasteries, and meeting people. Today I saw the Yellow River, which looks just like Chocolate Milk/Yoo-hoo! We also saw dead bodies hauled from a landslide. The soil here is really clay, so when it rains a lot, as it did last night. The mountainsides just tumble down. My first impression of Northern Tibet was as follows: Hay Bricks Pink Buildings Sheep Muslims I was surprised that...

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The Smell of Yak

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Everything here smells like Yak. The smell I have been mistaking for Yak for the past few days is actually the smell of urine mixed with clay. The “bathrooms” here are actually sometimes semi-enclosed spaces of ground/clay with a high end and a low end. To use it, you stand/squat on the high end and aim for the low end. Sometimes (only in one bathroom I have found so far) the low end is covered with boards and you squat/stand over the rectangular hole in the middle. The problem is that the hole is large enough to fit two people...

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New Service Between Chengdu & Amsterdam

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CHENGDU, China – April 20, 2006 – China Southern Airlines, (NYSE: ZNH, HKSE: 1055, SHA 600029) – www.cs-air.com/en – with the largest and most technically advanced aircraft fleet in The People’s Republic of China has expanded its code-share agreement with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to include all-new Boeing 777 service between Chengdu, China and Amsterdam. KLM will operate the service and China Southern will have seats available to offer to customers originating from Chengdu or connecting from China Southern’s new hub at...

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Mongolia Sizzles with 2006 Tours

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Monroe Township, NJ – In their pursuit of unspoiled beauty and less-traveled regions, cultural and adventure travelers have a globe full of options, but few as reliable as Mongolia. Bathed in ancient history, fascinating culture, jaw-dropping and widely varied scenic beauty—from the wind-swept, fossil-rich Gobi Desert to forested mountains and crystal blue waters—Mongolia is a soul-stirring experience from touch-down to take-off. There’s no better way to experience this land-lock country and its Central Asian neighbors than with...

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Pacific Delight Tours China

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New York, NY, November 2005 — Limited to only 16 participants, Pacific Delight World Tours’ “Gold Experience” packages offer the best of the best: fully escorted throughout Asia; world-class accommodations; shipboard suites with balconies on Victoria Anna — Victoria Cruises’ newest and most deluxe ship; private tours and excursions; and front section reserved seating at most shows. Two of the company’s most popular itineraries, the “18-day China Classic” and “19-day Majestic China”, both of which include the Yangtze River,...

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