Bungee Jumping in Zambia: 365 Feet of Fun

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Bungee Jumping in Zambia: 365 Feet of Fun

Victoria Falls is inexplicably impressive. At one mile wide and 360 feet high, it’s the largest waterfall in the world. The winding walkways through the viewing area feature 360 degree rainbows and the occasional sauntering baboon. If you’re able to schedule your visit during a full moon you can see a lunar rainbow (or moonbow) in the mist of the moonlit waterfall. The colossal —and never-ending— spray of the waterfall has created a rainforest that’s the only place in the world where it’s raining (or misting) 24/7. Victoria Falls was...

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Three Top Guides Lead Charge in Zambia

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Three Top Guides Lead Charge in Zambia

(SAUSALITO, CA, Nov. 9, 2011) – Wildlife viewing specialist Wild Planet Adventures announces five 2012 departures of an 18-day/17-night itinerary the company promises will be “the most comprehensive wildlife itinerary possible for Zambia” thanks to the expertise of three legendary master guides. Tour dates for Zambia -The Ultimate Wildlife Safari are May 25 – June 11, June 29 – July 16, Aug 10-27, Sept 4-21 and Oct 5-22, 2012. The per person double occupancy rate is $13,998 exclusive of domestic air (approximately $1,396 per...

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Zimbabwe: Proving that Eco-travel Doesn’t Equal Roughing It

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If you’re thinking of venturing to Africa, I strongly encourage you to design your trip in a sustainable manner. Contrary to popular belief the terms sustainable and eco-travel do not translate to lesser hotel accommodations, recycled bedding, and infrequent showers to save the water. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. African eco-travel lodges tend to be the most luxurious accommodations around. While there is no clear set definition for ecotourism, speaking broadly, it means that the economic boost tourism brings to an area is...

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South Africa On Sale

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Toronto, ON (March 23, 2010) – South African Airways Vacations, known for competitive pricing and packages with great value for money, is offering a spectacular sale for a limited time on a trip to South Africa. The package called “South Africa On Sale” will sell for just $1,899 plus $300 in fuel surcharges and $140 in taxes. This package includes roundtrip, economy-class airfare on South African Airways from either New York (JFK) or Washington DC (Dulles), domestic flights within South Africa, a meet and greet by a South African Airways...

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Hungry for a Hippo in Zambia

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It’s been a month since I began chasing hippos. I visited many places that had them, but seeing them in all their oval glory proved difficult. Only now, in Zambia’s South Luangwa, I’ve managed to get a perfect look at them. You’ve got to love an animal that’s purple. You simply must. And the way they waddle out of the river late at dusk to graze, almost bouncing as they run away from the spotlights of game drives. My coveted photo was a bit of a cliché – I wanted a hippo roaring (or yawning, it didn’t...

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Lower Zambezi, Higher Cost

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Africa’s national parks differ a lot from country to country and they are run in very different ways, so I never know what to expect next. In South Africa and Namibia, the parks are over-organized operations with gates, curfews and strict rules, though I found them somewhat bendable despite constant ranger patrols. In bureaucratic Botswana, the seemingly dead plains of the Kalahari Desert are empty from any regime, and, even though certain things are frowned upon, you can easily feel one with the animal kingdom and abide by its much...

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Private Parts in Zambia

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I am far from a nun, extremely comfortable with my body, and if you describe me as “shy” in front of anybody who even remotely knows me – they’d laugh in your face. That said, I would like to think I’m all about respect. Respecting other cultures and their degrees of modesty are highly important during the sort of travel I enjoy most. However, in Africa I officially declare myself confused by modesty regulations and locations of the private parts. On the surface, Africa doesn’t have a very “reserved”...

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