I’m sitting in a small restaurant in an even smaller beach village on the east coast of Uruguay.  I’m completely unconnected to the outside world (i.e. I had no internet connection and the mobile phone service was not too strong) and loving it.

Then the music starts up.  It isn’t an Uruguayan or Argentine band. It’s the Stone Temple Pilots. Then follows a string of about ten 80s songs, including Queen, among others. And my Uruguayan friend is singing along to these songs without skipping a beat.

Uruguayans are infatuated with the 80s music. In fact, they even have a night (August 24th) that is set up for the blatant celebration of 80s music. I love it.  I am intrigued. I am listening to the most 80s music that I have heard since living in the 80s.

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