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Nutting it Out in Beijing

Precis: If everyone in China were to eat only one serving per year of Chicken and Cashew Nuts, that would add up to 65,698 tons of the delicious nuts being consumed in China each year! It's not only nuts of the tree varieties that are in demand in China... When I'm in...

Olympics Stabbing in Beijing

Several years ago, I took a trip the Davao City in the Philippines. By all accounts, I should not have gone. Davao and Mindanao was considered to be an unsafe place -- according to the State Department of the U.S. I think a journalist had been murdered and there was...

The Green Olympics

We the world's eyes all looking at China over the next month, China has a green plan. This is a long article, but perfect for those interested in the upcoming Olympics and conservation. devin Editor ITKT BEIJING - July 3, 2008 - Successful, measurable steps have been...

Smoke-Free Beijing Olympics

Beijing to Implement the Provisions on No Smoking on May 1 for Staging a Smoke-free Olympics - April 24, 2008 The Several Provisions on No Smoking Scope in Public Places of Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the Several Provisions) will come into force formally on...

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