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Discover Macau

Eating in Macau Over decades of developing its' cuisine, Macau has a unique taste all its own made up of elements from Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, Malay and African foods. Collectively known as Macanese cuisine, ones' taste buds are sure to be delighted in the fusion...

Tianhou Temple, Shenzhen’s Soul

Some people say Shenzhen has no soul. The mega-city of 10 million sits on the Chinese mainland next to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Before Deng Xiaoping made Shenzhen a Special Economic Zone in 1979, the city was a mere fishing village of a 300,000....

JIA’s Winter Warmth

Experience Shanghai 's first designer boutique hotel JIA Shanghai, the city's first designer boutique hotel, celebrates the season with the launch of its 'Winter Warmth' package. Recently opened, the stylish residence is a hip new hotspot for those...

Beijing from Pacific Delight

Savings of up to $400 per couple Vacations to China are normally a West Coast departure with tour operators offering add-on airfares -- Pacific Delight Tours is offering a unique special "“ the seven-day air-inclusive "Beijing SuperValue" package with...

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