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KaZantip, Crimea’s Uncharted Republic

Welcome to Kazantip Craziness in Crimea “Stand up! I need to dope right now to get my reality back!” I get up hastily and peer into the darkness, trying to see who has awakened me. All I can see is half of a face in big gaudy red glasses. “Ah, it’s not you!”...

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KaZantip, Ukraine’s Uncharted Republic 3

Kazantip Draws the Crowds Money at Z Republic At this year’s opening, 30 thousand people visited the KaZantip. After 45 days, the total was 100 thousand. Information regularly appears in the media that a state of emergency should be placed upon the Republic. People...

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KaZantip, Ukraine’s Uncharted Republic 2

To part 1 click here The Ins To get into “Z Republic” visitors should buy a “viZa.” The cost is $20 with a multiple viZa available for $80. There are other options. Those with a yellow suitcase or wearing orange valenki (Russian winter footwear) can get in...

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Deilmann Bargains

Deilmann announces free airfare, 10% reduction in cruise rates on 18 select ocean voyages on luxury liner Deutschland 2006 Sailings to Indian Ocean/South Africa, Mediterranean, Norwegian Fjords, British Isles/Ireland, Baltic, Black Sea and Gala Music Cruise. NEW YORK,...

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