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How to write for ITKT
Submission Guidelines for Travel Writers

In The Know Traveler is looking for great travel stories, photos and videos

We are primarily looking for your personal travel experience in the form of stories, photos and video. However, we are going to begin expanding our resources section, which will help newer travelers. So, if you have a great how-to article send it in. You can cut and paste your story in the contact form below. However, read this entire page first to give yourself your best option in getting published.

How In The Know Traveler does it.

  1. You send us you your story and/or photographs (500-2500 words in length). Send us a link to your video.
  2. We proof read every story for grammar, punctuation and content.
  3. We decide if your story is a good fit for ITKT either accepting or declining your submission.
  4. If we accept your submission, you retain all of your rights. We retain the right to publish article/photography/video on our site and make the edits described above.

Tips for travel writers

Here are a few generic pointers I offer anyone who is interested in writing for In The Know Traveler. Please write stories between 500-2500 words (Yes, we have raised the maximum length of a story). Triple check spelling and grammar (we don’t have a lot of time to edit, so the stories we publish are darn near finished.). We publish 1st person narratives that includes something about culture or positive tourism (sustainable, eco, what makes a destination unique). We also¬†avoid “you” and “we” voices, I think the heart of a travel story is the personal experience (Truthfully, I never publish articles that have more than “you” appearing in it more than once anymore — “I” is the way to go). I want to read about something you absolutely loved that inspires others to travel, be honest, tell me as if I were your best friend, not what you think I want to hear or what you think a travel article should say. I would also make sure you read out submission guidelines found on our “About Us” page and visit¬† to learn more about what to avoid before sending out submissions.

* Please also note that ITKT presents 52 featured articles a year. This means even great articles get passed on due to these limitations.

We told you it was simple.

Simple! Write, send us your stuff, we edit… and you are published online.

Tip for travel photos

We use 800 x 600 pixel photos, medium quality will suffice. We attempt to present dazzling, fun, personal travel photos. This means a picture of yourself in front of an iconic place, hanging with the locals, photos of people are always to the way to go. Remember, we are promoting travel. So, promote a fun, worthwhile experience. Imagine your reader getting enthusiastic by your images. Please only send us images taken by you, or your buddy/spouse/passing stranger took the photo and not a professional.

NOTE: we take our credibility and integrity seriously. Bad writing can be edited and improved stolen writing (plagiarism) is a crime! Whether you write for us or anyone else, give credit to your sources or unoriginal ideas, always. This is also true of images. Please do not send us images that are not yours to send.

  • Exposure: In The Know Traveler now reaches tens of thousands of travel fans and industry professionals every month.
  • Experience: Writing an article for a magazine or website is fun, but it requires discipline. This will be the easiest way to learn how to work with an editor, period.
  • Credentials: As a contributor to In the Know Traveler, you will have a permanent listing on a growing directory of respected travel-writers. You will also have something to put on your resume.
  • Payment: At this time, ITKT is no longer paying for content of any kind. However, this may change soon.

Do you need more?

Take a look at ITKT’s writer’s checklist at the link HERE

Press trips and media events

This is not really a benefit, but writers ask all the time. Occasionally there are press trips or media events we need help covering. This is based solely at our discretion and our relationship with each writer and only considered as needed. We cannot guarantee trips or promise to send you; it is your writing skill, timing and a dash of luck that will allow us to send you on a press trip.

What should I write about?

Tell us what you would tell your best friend, not what you think a travel article looks like. We want something that teaches our readers something practical about travel and the nuances about a particular destination. We want the details. We want an In The Know Traveler.

If you are interested, send stories to editor[at]intheknowtraveler[dot]com

******************A Special Note to people looking to Guest Post*********************

We really don’t use Guest Posts, but…

Guest posts, content marketing articles and “free articles” are stories written by people looking for free links to corporate sites in exchange for a free article. Truthfully, these articles never match the style or spirit of ITKT and have little relevance to our readers. While we love and appreciate corporate travel partners and use helpful press releases we think our readers will enjoy, guest posts do not fall into this category. However, we do offer traditional advertising, paid links and sponsored pages options. For more information contact ads[at]intheknowtraveler[dot]com. Or come and be one of our travel writers with your original story.

We are waiting on the side of the road for your travel story
Be sure you read our submission guidelines and writer’s checklist before sending in your story.

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