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Dear Media Partners,

We always appreciate receiving your travel, destination wedding and travel-related news, and thank you for keeping our contact info on your list. However, there are times when we have a focus and need for specific information on deadline and we don't always know who is representing who at any point in time.

So, we created a contact list for PR professionals only.

This way, we can let you know what we are working on and what we need. I will send out updates every month, or so.

The additional benefit is getting a more direct contact email for ITKT, which I will send out after your sign up. Sadly, we receive a mountain of content marketing and spam email every day. So, we will look to phase out devin [at] intheknowtraveler in the near future. Please note non-professional emails (gmail, aol, yahoo, etc.) will be refused "“ it's crazy how much junk mail we get from these addresses.

In general, we would love to work with you more closely and help showcase your products and services to our targeted travel readership of tens of thousands of monthly visitors.

If you are looking for coverage on ITKT there are a number of mutually beneficial opportunities. Please consider one of the following

Affiliate Programs
Give ITKT an opportunity to help sell your product. We are open to the right opportunities.

We are now offering monthly giveaways. Basically this is low-cost advertising opportunity, which is co-promoted through social media and our other sites, and thus far has been a good success. You drop ship one item to one of our monthly newsletter sign ups. Additional promotions will include Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking hot spots.

Press trips
ITKT guarantees coverage and offers assignment letters to a number of regular and reliable U.S.-based writers on our team in order to help promote international travel.

And if nothing else, please send a personal hello as ITKT receives about 150 requests for publication every day. So we focus on promoting companies that we have developed relationships with over time.

Devin Galaudet
In The Know Traveler Editor

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