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British Columbia, the Stawamus Chief at Squamish

The Stawamus Chief is a 700-metre high granite dome that guards the southern end of Squamish. The Chief is the centre point of a 5-square kilometre provincial park founded in 1997. The park encompasses not only the Chief but also the Stawamus Squaw a slightly smaller...

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Ah, Madagascar

Ah, Madagascar. When I mention places I visit, I am often met with question marks or that sucking sound accompanied by a tense wrinkled spot between the eyebrows. But Madagascar always gets an "Ah." An "Ah" and a dazed dreamy smile only the purest of fantasies get....

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Experiencing the Mountain Pass in Ecuador

At 10,000 feet, the air is perceptively thin in the Ecuadorean capital of Quito. Travelers puff and gasp the first few days of their visit. Stone steps and sidewalks seem steeper; footsteps tread slower. This ancient, beautiful city is home to over 2 million...

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Trekking in Laos: the Nam Ha Valley

The pick-up truck carrying, me, a small band of travelers, and two local guides toward the Nam Ha forest reserve rattles through the mountain pass, and moves away from the sleepy little town of Luang Nam Tha in the north of Laos. It is along this mountain pass that I...

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Jamaica Live for 2009 (video podcast)

For the third time in as many years, I caught up with Dian Holland of Jamaica Tourism at the Los Angeles Times Adventure Travel Show. Hear what she has to say about travel on her island. As with all of our videos Quicktime 7.0 or better is required to see our great...

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African Highlands

African highlands, Lesotho and the adjacent South African Drakensberg (Dragon Mountains), fall like soft folds of green felt and stretch beyond the horizon. This fairytale landscape is very different from the Africa I've been seeing so far. Iridescent green sunbirds...

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Backpacking Wellness

The term "backpacking" has changed over the last several years as travel has become more accessible to a greater number of people. It refers to travellers who organize their own trips and usually stay in cheap accommodation. This type of traveller can be exposed to...

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Lucia Leopard

This is Africa for you - a seemingly boring place can produce the most interesting of sightings. I shouldn't knock St. Lucia. If you've never seen a croc or a hippo in your life, this is probably a good place to start. Cheap enough tours will take you everywhere from...

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Wild Dog Chase

I've met my match, and it's the wild dog. My check of rare African animals is almost complete, but the elusive wild dog, numbering only in the few thousand for all of Africa, has evaded me so far. I knew Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Nature Reserve had them, and for two days...

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Lion Overdose

As I entered the gates of Kruger National Park, it took less than a minute to spot a lion. Lions in Kruger are traffic-jam animals "“ the herd of cars around them being a dead giveaway. I wonder what lions think when their sleep under a thorny tree is disturbed...

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Still Accepting Aps for the Best Job in the World

Only six days to go before applications for The Best Job in the World close. Anthony Hayes, CEO of Tourism Queensland, said that more than 15,500 would-be Island Caretakers had so far applied for The Best Job in the World, but urged potential applicants to post their...

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Police Performance in Mozambique

In Mozambique, there are numerous police checkpoints along the roads and the underpaid policemen have perfected the art of fleecing South African tourists for a bribe. Nevertheless, I have successfully avoided ninety nine percent of road blockades. If there are no...

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