On July 8, Eric van der Burg, councilor at the Municipality of Amsterdam and Maarten de Groof, Executive Vice President & CCO of Schiphol Group, christened the 'Floating Dutchman'. The Floating Dutchman is a bus and boat in one, developed by Rederij Lovers especially for tourists, day trippers and passengers arriving or transferring at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This bus boat is a spectacular and unique way of introducing visitors to Amsterdam, developed by Rederij Lovers. It is powered by 198 batteries and is therefore a silent and CO2-neutral way of sailing through Amsterdam’s many canals.

The Floating Dutchman has a capacity of 48 and collects passengers from Schiphol Plaza. The bus boat then continues to Amsterdam and enters the water at the Splash Zone near the Nemo Science Centre to continue its journey as a water launch through the canals of Amsterdam. After the trip, the bus emerges from the water and continues its journey back to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Bookings can be made via www.floatingdutchman.nl and the Great Amsterdam Excursions points of sale at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

'The Floating Dutchman is an attractive bonus for people travelling via Schiphol. It is an impressive and unique way for tourists and transfer passengers alike to find out about Holland’s cultural heritage, in the form of Amsterdam’s canals. According to Maarten de Groof, Executive Vice President & CCO, the introduction of the Floating Dutchman is an added incentive for travelling via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and will help us achieve our ambition of being and becoming Europe's Preferred Airport.

Freek Vermeulen, director of Lovers Transportainment, adds, 'This tourist innovation can provide an important impulse for the development of tourism in Amsterdam. We expect it to appeal to large numbers of people who transfer at Schiphol and who want to go on a quick sight-seeing trip round Amsterdam city centre. However, it is also a great way for tourists or day trippers to discover Amsterdam.

Eric van der Burg, councilor at the Municipality of Amsterdam claims that, 'The Floating Dutchman is a spectacular and sustainable new Amsterdam attraction. It will, without doubt, tempt extra tourists to go on a road and water day trip from Schiphol to Amsterdam. This unique tourist attraction will place Rederij Lovers, the airport, the municipality of Amsterdam and Schiphol international more emphatically on the map. This will benefit all the parties involved.'