Amsterdam August 13, 2005 –In October 2005 Amsterdam will host the China Festival, the largest festival celebrating Chinese culture ever to take place in Holland.

It will be an extremely diverse event, with around thirty arts organisations taking part; the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy is proud to be the only hotel involved. The China Festival, an initiative of Amsterdam’s world-famous Concert Hall, will offer activities ranging from music, opera, dance, film, photography, literature, architecture, media- and visual arts, readings and debates. The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is joining in these festivities by setting up the China Club.

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy:
The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s East End Harbour District. Culture lovers from a variety of backgrounds and from all corners of the globe come to stay here. The hotel’s Cultural Embassy is designed to enhance the guests’ stay in Amsterdam by offering insights into Holland’s cultural riches, and to display aspects of foreign culture imported by our guests from abroad. To support this, the hotel is equipped with a number of facilities, such as a soundproof room which can serve as a music studio, a grand piano, a channel for presentations on the internal television circuit, a ticket point for Amsterdam’s ‘Uitburo’ agency (which sells tickets to cultural events around town) and a library.

The China Club in the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy:
Random Meets "“ October 1-19 (continuous, free admission)
As a participant in the China Festival, the Cultural Embassy is setting up the China Club. Festival guests will present their contributions on an ad-hoc basis, using one of the platforms on offer by the Club, or the internal television channel reserved for the Cultural Embassy. Readings, installations, a small exhibition and guided tours of the city centre will help to introduce visitors and guests to Chinese culture, seen from both Dutch and Chinese perspectives. On the ‘Dim Sum Walks’, for example, town planner Philip Spangenberg will point out Chinese influences at work in Amsterdam. In addition, the Cultural Embassy has invited artists and connoisseurs of art to serve as intermediaries between Chinese and Dutch culture in the area of the visual arts, such as Gerald van der Kaap (Passing the Information), Rob Malasch (Galerie Serieuze Zaken), Waling Boers (Büro Friedrich Berlijn en Beijing) and Ineke Gudmundssen (Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen).

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