The Maori culture is deeply rooted in New Zealand, and it is a good idea for travelers to check out some the words and phrases they will run into. It is important to understand that the “wh” combination is pronounced as an “f” as in fan. We at ITKT recommend exploring the rich Maori culture on your next visit.

Aotearoa: New Zealand
Hongi: The traditional and formal greeting done by the pressing of noses twice.
Iwi: Tribe
Kainga: Maori village
Manuhiri: A visitor to a Maori village or home
Maoritanga: The Maori culture and tradition
Marae: Sacred Maori meeting room
Moko: Traditional Maori tattoo
Pakeha: A non-Maori, but most commenly refering a someone of European descent.
Tiki: Mother Earth to some tribes. Frequently worn as a pendant.
Whakapapa: The family tree or individual Maori lineage.
Whanau: Family

Written by Devin Galaudet