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Argentina in Three Parts: Iguazu

On a visit to Argentina too many people might be tempted to hit only Buenos Aires and skip the rest of a spectacular country. This is a huge mistake. Argentina has climates of rain forests to glaciers and everything in between. Let me first say that the food,...

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El Calafate: Argentina’s Glacier

I woke up early with the sun just rising over the expansive lake. Flamingos were busy picking their breakfast out along the shore. I could hardly believe there were flamingos here in penguin country, but I didn’t have time to admire the leggy pink birds. I was heading...

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Sailing the BVI, Day 5

After a quick breakfast onboard, we headed for Jost Van Dyke where we anchored in White Bay. It was a beautiful day of sailing and I loved having the chance to practice my skills and help to teach my girlfriend the ropes, so to speak. Although after four days at sea,...

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Low-Season Special at Iguazu Grand, Argentina

New York - April 30, 2010: Iguazú Grand Resort, Spa & Casino, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and the only full-service luxury resort on the Argentine side of the stunning Iguazú Falls, is now offering travelers an exclusive savings on stays of three...

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My Last Day in South America

On my last day in South America, I wake up to the calm sound of rain falling atop the metal roof.  Two days before I was tanning on a cushioned lounge chair along the water of Mancora Beach, Peru my mind dizzied, almost drunk, on sun and relaxation. But now I am in...

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Argentina: More Than Meats the Eye

When she announced her plans to move to Argentina, vegetarian Sophie Weber’s friends told her she was crazy. You’ll starve, they told her. Haven’t you heard? Argentina is all beef, all the time. Sophie, a 21-year-old student from Munich, Germany, wasn't worried....

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Crossing the Andes

I was in Mendoza, a desert in the west of Argentina that is now wine country, taking tours of vineyards and wineries and tasting the local Malbecs (Argentine wine). I was having a lovely time, but all I could do was stare off into the distance to the jagged Andes that...

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Drum Circles and Accordions in Buenos Aires

The Music of Buenos Aires The bands of Buenos Aires don't seem to play in typical venues or in typical numbers. A band in the US may consist of 4-6 members, 6 being on the larger size. But here in BA I have found the bands to be well into the double digits and playing...

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Searching for Che in Argentina

On my third day in BA, having seen some of the major districts, I thought it time for an off the beaten track adventure (city style that is).  In the guide book map a friend found a marker signifying a Che Guevara Museum out at the end of the green line, but further...

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The LA to BA Evening Difference

Friday night in Los Angeles consists of 8PM dinner followed by an hour or two of meandering: self-maintenance like eyebrows or nail polish while watching bad television, getting ready around 10PM, pre-club time by 10:30/11PM, which leads to a 10:30-12 club arrival. By...

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Understanding the Buenos Aires Schedule

Before arriving in Buenos Aires, I was warned about the late dinners and long nights of partying that go on in the city, but I am not sure a warning makes for proper preparation. Days before leaving on this trip I had been taking it easy, not drinking or staying out...

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Buenos Aires´Youth Have Something to Say

Roaming down the narrow European-style streets of Buenos Aires, the only thing my eyes can focus on is the youthful expressive graffiti. Unlike Los Angeles graffiti, which is full of blow ups and burners that dominate the river ways and freeways, Buenos Aires graffiti...

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