Aruba "“ February 8, 2011 – Building on the success of the inaugural Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF) last June, which attracted stars and films from around the world and entertained thousands over the course of a week, it has been confirmed that the island nation of Aruba will host a second edition of the AIFF this June (June 10-16). Initial details surrounding the 2011 Film Festival were unveiled today at a press conference by AIFF Founders and Producers Giuseppe Cioccarelli and Jonathan Vieira.

Actors, directors, producers, writers, industry executives and foreign media will once again be invited to converge on the island to experience firsthand why AIFF is on its way to becoming the film industry's "must-attend" summer event. Local festival goers will be able to see a wide variety of films from around the world and experience an exciting, one-of-a-kind event that brings Hollywood and worldwide cinema to their home.

Viera welcomes the support of the Aruban government saying "AIFF is a good example of how government money is used to support local businesses and to promote the tourist industry on the Island. The festival generated tremendous worldwide publicity for Aruba last year. The great press throughout North American, Europe and South America is a testament not only to the festival but the entire local community who participated and brought it to life as the international media looked on.”

Centered once again at the Paseo Herencia Entertainment Center, the second edition of the Aruba International Film Festival aims to be even bigger than last year's inaugural event, which showcased 25 films from 16 different countries and attracted an array of notable film industry names such as legendary leading man Richard Gere, Oscar® and Golden Globe® nominee writer and director Guillermo Arriaga ("Babel" "21 Grams", "The Burning Plain"), multiple Academy Award® winning editor Thelma Schoonmaker ("The Departed" "Goodfellas" "The Aviator"); Academy Award® nominated actress Patricia Clarkson ("Pieces of April" "Shutter Island" "Lars and the Real Girl"); Oscar® nominated actor, director and producer Griffin Dunne ("Game 6" "My Girl" "Johnny Dangerously"), popular Venezuelan actress Rudy Rodriguez, actor Alfonso Herrera and famous Indian choreographer Longinus Fernandes ("Slumdog Millionaire").

Distinguished writer, director and producer Claudio Masenza, a revered member of the international film community for over 30 years (bringing with him years of experience as a member of the selection committees for the world renowned Venice Film Festival and Rome Film Festival) is reprising his role as AIFF Artistic Director. He will again be selecting films that reflect the cultural diversity that epitomizes the island of Aruba.

Commented Masenza, "I was truly impressed with the love, passion and curiosity shown by the people of Aruba for the selection of international movies – the Italian selection, the Indian selection, and so on." Masenza said he intends to again focus on finding international variety in the selections.

Encouraged by strong local support last year, AIFF plans to expand its popular “Spotlight” series, which was created to showcases movies from Aruban and Caribbean filmmakers. Having proved its popularity among locals, extra resources will be applied to create a broader experience for the series.

This year's festival will also have a strong focus on “Green” initiatives as it looks to play an active role in preserving and protecting the ecosystem that defines the beautiful island and implement pro-environmental practices throughout the festival to minimize the ecological impact of the week-long event.

According to Cioccarelli, “The film industry has become increasingly aware of its responsibility to the environment. We want to continue to find ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our Festival through conservation and the use of eco-friendly technologies.”

Sponsored by the Aruban Government and generous donations from local businesses, the inaugural AIFF brought over 40 foreign media outlets to the island, sowing new seeds for the promotion of destination tourism.  The 2011 edition of the festival promises to expand that market even further.

Tickets for AIFF 2011 will be available in a variety of price ranges, from a simple movie ticket to packages of multi"“event attendance.

About the Aruba International Film Festival

The breathtaking Caribbean island of Aruba provides the backdrop for the film industry's newest "must-attend" event, taking place June 10-16, 2011, with an inviting atmosphere, suited like none other, to attract actors, directors, filmmakers, and film lovers.

AIFF stands to further global awareness for the Island of Aruba as a center of art, culture and creativity and serve as a platform to promote the understanding and appreciation for the art of cinema and filmmaking. With participants enjoying a relaxed Aruban ambiance and a casual interaction between filmmakers and audience.

The annual AIFF will bring people from around the world to view a wide selection of films, join in discussions and attend special parties and events.

AIFF has a mission to encourage, educate and activate young Aruban filmmakers. Throughout the Festival, notable film professionals will be conducting master classes on all facets of filmmaking and the creative process.

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