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Flag of Australia, Australia's flagThe Australians have it all. From the hot tropics to the temperate climate; from the coral reefs to the ski fields; from desert to the beach. On top of the environmental diversity, Australia is a melting pot of culture, from the ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime to a modern multicultural society, there really isn’t anything quite like Australia.

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Esperance: The Gem of Western Australia

Kangaroos living on the beach, pirates, explorers, gold, and the biggest wave in Western Australia; ‘The Cyclops’. It seemed like my childhood story books were starting to come true. I was on my way to Esperance, in a clapped out 80’s model BMW named Delilah, chasing...

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Driving Up Gibb River Road – Western Australia

Gibb River Road Standing on the side of the road, I heard the welcome sound of a roar of an engine. Soon after, a vehicle came careering around the corner, and halted to a stop after I flagged it down. “I don’t suppose you have a working jack, do you?” I asked. The...

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Hiking the Gorges of Karijini National Park

Winter runoff has come to Karijini National Park Winter has come to Karijini National Park. A chilling wind whips across my face as I check into Dales Campground, my home for the next week. The once lovely campsite is a shadow of its former self after a recent bush...

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Festival of the Pearl – Australia

A kaleidoscope of colour and culture, the 46th annual Shinju Matsuri - Japanese for “Festival of the Pearl” – is a celebration of Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Aboriginal cultures that shaped Broome during the peak of the prosperous pearl industry. A nine-day...

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The Food and Wine Trails of Australia

What isn't apparent for the first time visitors to Australia is the gourmet food and wine culture. This is the stuff beyond the good old sausage sizzle and the 'shrimps' on the barbie. We are talking food, real food that can be raved on by celebrity chefs local and...

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Mining the Dining Boom of Perth Australia

Perth Australia In Perth, Australia, the queue outside Jamie Oliver's Italian Kitchen was in a for two hour wait, yet even in the cold of the early evening, the crowds stood huddled against each other with smiles on their faces. It is their culinary treat and not even...

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Eureka Ballarat, Australia!

  Discovering Australia's Golden Heritage If it was 160 years ago, I'd be squatting in mud swirling my pan away hoping to strike it rich. While I can still squat and try my hands at gold panning, the gold rush is no more and my chance of discovering anything more...

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Australia’s Newest Museum – M.A.D.E Opens

There were important looking people everywhere I looked, handshaking, posing and smiling into journalists cameras. I shrink away into the museum proper, a little shy among the larger press group and explored the interior quietly and found myself inspired by...

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Driving the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

On the Sunshine Coast, away from the coast lies historical towns of the Hinterlands I have longed for a long weekend away on the coast, soaking up much needed sun after weeks slavering away in an air conditioned office. When such day finally came, we took the...

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Aboriginal People of Australia

Aboriginal People of Australia Aborigines The three stout Aboriginal women stood in the dusty dirt drive, their deeply-featured faces squinting in the late-day sun. They put themselves in a straight line – I spied them adjusting each other like children lining up in...

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Living it large at Sydney Festival

Sydney Shines during Sydney Festival As usual, Sydney started the year with a big bang. The city's annual display of fireworks is claimed to be one of the best in the world, and its attempt to impress has only just started. What I love most about this energetic city...

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Recharge this summer with Crowne Plaza

(SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) December 2012 – As the weather heats up and the days get longer, travellers are encouraged to relax and reinvigorate their souls with Crowne Plaza’s new Recharge promotion. From today, guests can embark on a summer sojourn with Crowne Plaza and...

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