You don't have to go to Poland to learn how to make traditional Polish food. The Hamtramck area of Detroit is a great place to learn about the city's Polish heritage. There are Polish bakeries and food markets specializing in Polish foods. St. Florian Roman Catholic Church is cathedral-like and beautiful especially the stained glass windows dominated by the rose window are outstanding. The altar windows depict five famous Polish saints while the others illustrate the life and teachings of Christ.

Polish-Detroit-SS-1At the Polish Art Center, they not only sell traditional Polish crafts but the owner, Joan Bittner, give classes in making wycinanki, intricate paper cuttings that are symmetrical designs cut from a single piece of colored paper that has been folded several times. They are then layered with brightly colored paper.

At the Polonia, a restaurant that hosted Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel's "No Reservations," the owner Janusz Zurowski, teaches guests how to make Polonia's Potato Noodles. Other classes are available upon request.

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Polish-Detroit-SS-2Polish Potato Noodles
2.5 lbs cold cooked potatoes, boiled the day before
12 oz flour (30% weight of potatoes)
one whole egg
large pot of boiling salted water

Finely grate potatoes or just mash them until there are no lumps.
By hand, lightly mix all ingredients in large bowl.
Flour a flat working surface and transfer the dough to it.
Knead the dough into a large 10-inch roll.
Cut the roll into five parts.
Hand roll one part into a snake about one inch thick by 12 inches long.
Flatten the roll lightly using a knife
Cut the flattened roll diagonally into 3/ 4 inch noodles strips (about 15 pieces).
Drop noodles into boiling water.
Allow the noodles to float to the surface and boil about three minutes.
Using a slotted spoon, scoop the noodles out of the boiling water and drain.
Rinse in cold water and drain again.
Repeat with the remaining dough

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