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Californians Pack Out Their Poo

Here is a funny story about the changing face of hiking in the Sierras… now you are packin’ poo! -editor P.S.: Congratulations to Brendan and Marily Nelson for not only climbing Mt. Whitney, but also getting in the...

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Camera Talk: Tripod vs. Monopod

Tripods are great, but if you have had to lug one around for any length of time, you know what a hassle they can be. There are some pitfalls, however. In many places, you cannot use a tripod at all, as it classifies you as a...

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Southwest Air matches Virgin America

Southwest Airlines has matched Virgin America's fare prices, but S.W. is also offering deals for many more destinations than its rival. Book your travels by Sept. 6th for travel Sept. 12-30, 2007 for great deals. Seven day...

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Do You Need Travel Insurance?

This is an interesting topic that begs for discussion. In the past, I have traveled all over the world with NO supplemental travel insurance (in fact, as a broke youth I traveled with NO insurance whatsoever. The folly of...

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Snacks on a Plane

Airline food used to be part of the glamour and experience of air travel. Everyone has historically made fun of airline food: dry, frozen-and-now-McDonalds-hot, cardboard-alicious. Nonetheless, there is someting satifying about...

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Travelocity Mexico Launches

Travelocity has launched Travelocity Mexico to serve residents of Mexico and its Spanish-speaking customers in North America. Great news for traveling to and from Mexico! For more on Mexico at ITKT Back to the ITKT Home...

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Virgin America Starting to Fly

Wouldn't you love to fly on an airline with low fares, excellent service, and cutting-edge in-flight entertainment? What about leather seats, massage chairs and mood lighting? Virgina America is ready to provide such things...

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