Author: Dominic DeGrazier

Dinner at Montevideo

It’s 12:43 in the morning here in the Ciudad Vieja (the touristy part of the center of the city).  I have just returned from eating dinner with a new Uruguayan friend.  This doesn’t sound strange, does it?  Dinners...

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Montevideo’s Banking

I’ve become a bit tired of getting charged five dollars, at least, on every transaction I enter into on the ATMs out here.  Well, I haven’t used them that much yet, but I will get tired of them very soon.  So off to...

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Montevideo Times

I’ve been in Montevideo, Uruguay for a week now.  This is a smaller South American capital – some 1.7 million people.   I am here to live for awhile, to figure out the people, and most importantly to decide if I like...

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Last Second Deals

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