New York, NY – Agust 29, 2006 Ever since Cape Grace opened its Bascule Whisky Bar and Wine Cellar in 1999, it has been a focal point of Cape Town night-life "“ and day-life too. Known for the largest whisky collection south of the equator, its nautical flavor and its wharf side location on the marina of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Bascule is now expanding its offering.

Open daily from 7:30am until 4pm "“ the new Café Bascule is located within the original Bascule Bar at Cape Grace. Guests can enjoy this new option either from within the warmth of Bascule or out on the marina from an array of tables and chairs. Café Bascule provides a range of quality coffees and teas, snacks and light lunches in an atmosphere that draws in the harbor, the yachts and the view of Table Mountain.
"While we offer luxury and exclusivity to our resident guests," says Nigel Pace, new General Manager of Cape Grace, "We are also a landmark for Capetonians, who look to us for celebratory dinners at onewaterfront and for leisurely evenings at our Bascule Whisky Bar. Now they can join us from early morning to late afternoon in the relaxed, chic environment they have become accustomed to."

Coffee is available a dozen ways, regular and decaffeinated, as Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato, Americano and Café Mocha. A unique-to- Cape-Grace offering is "The Bascule Blend" "“ full bodied and rich, yet smooth to the taste, a blend of Brazilian Santos, Indian Mysore, Columbian and Zambian coffee beans.

In addition to a large variety of teas (green, leaf, herbal and infusions), also unique to Café Bascule are Red Espresso and Red Cappuccino. A South African first "“ Red Espresso is a shot of filtered, refined Rooibos tea.

The award winning kitchen at Cape Grace has produced a selection of offerings for Café Bascule "“ gorgonzola and pesto quiche; BLT quiche; croissants with Brie, fig preserve and rocket; fresh salmon and cream cheese bagels; four cheese muffins; fruit compote muffins and a puff-pastry pear and almond cone.

The Café Bascule lunch menu is available from midday, providing a further selection of seafood, salads and sandwiches. Coffee, pastries and sandwiches can be ordered "to go" packed by Café Bascule in stylish boxes and cups.

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