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Upgrades at Belize’s Gaia Riverlodge

Upgrades at Belize’s Gaia Riverlodge

Gaia Riverlodge receives quality upgrade, one of top things to do in Belize One of the top things to do in Belize is relax at a tranquil resort. Luckily, a reputable accommodation that has undergone renovations and a name change is welcoming guests to explore its...

Conquering Fear at Xunantunich

Conquering Fear at Xunantunich

The ruins of Xunantunich are some of the best-preserved Mayan ruins in Belize.  Located on a steep ridge off the Western Highway in the Cayo District, the site is composed of six plazas and twenty-six structures dating from 200 to 900 A.D. - a time when other...

Belize (video podcast)

I met with Shikira Oxley of Belize Tourism at the Los Angeles Times Adventure and Travel show at the Los Angeles Convention Center to learn more about Belize. Check it out. As with all of our videos Quicktime 7.0 or better is required to see our great videos in all of...

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