Somewhere in Isla del Sol

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Islas y Huacas, Lago de Titicaca

The harbor waters are still. Beyond the sheltered inlet a stiff wind whips the lake into whitecaps. My stomach doesn’t much like these choppy waters. Lake Titicaca This body of water sits just over two miles above sea level and encompasses 3200 square miles, making...

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Birthday Memories in Copacabana Bolivia

My Birthday in Copacabana Bolivia   Copacabana Bolivia at High Altitude When I mention that I had spent my 25th birthday in Copacabana, everyone thought I had perhaps joined the beautiful bikini clad women full of feathers Samba-ing the night away. Little did they...

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Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia and the Salt Flats Something Different in Bolivia Gazing out at the ethereal landscape, I feel like I am on a different planet. What appears to be sand, or maybe even snow, continues endlessly on. The waves of heat create eerie shapes on the horizon, and the...

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Bolivian Mountain: Huayna Potosi

The wind is whipping at my face. My nose has frozen; I can’t feel my toes. The crunch of crampons on the snow is the only sound above the howling wind; the suffocating darkness around me is broken only by the tiny glimmering lights of the group up ahead and the red...

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10 New Extreme Adventures from Abercrombie & Kent

(DOWNERS GROVE, IL – October 17, 2011) -- There is adventure travel, and then there are the adventures of a lifetime. Abercrombie & Kent seamlessly orchestrates unforgettable journeys in the world's most challenging environments. Among the exciting new Extreme...

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My Last Day in South America

On my last day in South America, I wake up to the calm sound of rain falling atop the metal roof.  Two days before I was tanning on a cushioned lounge chair along the water of Mancora Beach, Peru my mind dizzied, almost drunk, on sun and relaxation. But now I am in...

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Strangers in the Night

On a lonely Bolivian intersection, the streets as wide and empty as an abandoned landing strip, we collided like two freight trains in the night. Midnight, and nobody here knew each other. Two dozen people in total, no one even thought of stopping when the groups...

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See Salt Sea

Imagine a flat solid sea that reflects the mountains that frame it. Islands in that sea stand small but tall, with thousand year-old cacti raising their bristly arms towards the sky. Waves would wash over the island banks if only the ripples were not already frozen in...

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Down the Death Road

"Sarit!" my husband turned to me all excited, "Wanna go up to 4700m in a van and then ride a bicycle downhill 64km on the most dangerous road in the world?" "Ahem... No! Do I look like I have a death wish?" It was an honest response. I haven't been on a bike since the...

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A Poem for the Sacred Lake

Lake Titicaca was known to the Incas as a sacred lake. Over the last few days, I have been able to visit islands on both the Bolivian and Peruvian sides, and walking the stoney paths, looking out to the ruins, marveling over the breathtaking views, it is easy to...

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Bolivia, Is It Worth It?

Friday afternoon in La Paz, I found the restaurant section of an open air market and took a seat at one of the 10 stands serving relatively the same food for about $3. I ordered a plate of chicken and rice from two women standing behind a counter no more than four...

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