I am a book lover.

I am not just saying that. I am an obsessive compulsive book buyer and am usually good for a sack of books a week. I will read almost anything and my home isn’t getting any bigger. It is getting smaller, less and less space for me and my family as my books just spill out in every direction.

So imagine my thrill when we decided to add a Travel Book section on ITKT? I just about fell over myself. But it was necessary and a logical next step. The truth is most of us will take a travel guide when traveling. It’s the maps. It is the narrator of the book that letting us know we will be fine. It’s the lists of the wonderful places to go and see and experience.

Guide books are a sense of comfort and help travelers belong. I remember when I traveled in Europe for months (yes, I was one of those guys who hadn’t shaved in days with the rucksack and patches from numerous countries sewed on with yellow yarn). I threw out pants and bottles of wine when my pack got too full, but I never considered tossing my guide to Europe.

So with that said, this new Book section will be chop full of information on new releases, gear, updates, and yes, reviews. While we will have ITKT staff ready to offer their pearls of wisdom on the latest in travel guides, travelogues, and travel-based novels, we look forward to hearing from our readers as well to get the widest spectrum of voices on my second favorite subject, books!For those interested in offering a few words on your last experience with a great travel read, let us know at editor[at]intheknowtraveler.com.

Happy travels,

Editor ITKT