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Camera Talk: Photography Tips from a Pro

Camera Talk: Shooting Ultra Wide-Angle in Africa

Ultra Wide-Angle Shooting Getting Started with an Ultra Wide-Angle LensThe first time I tried an ultra wide-angle lens I was instantly addicted – not only could I get great expanses of landscape encapsulated in the view finder, but also create dynamic environmental...

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Camera Talk: The Candid Photograph

In my opinion, it’s the people that are the most rewarding subjects to shoot when visiting some place new; and while stopping to ask someone to pose for your shot will either get you a smile or that quick wave of rejection, the photo that you end up with usually...

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Camera Talk: Low Light Shots

What does it take to shoot sharp pictures in low light conditions? Stability: Keeping the camera steady is the number one most important thing to keep in mind when shooting in low light. Tripods are the easiest way to insure a sharp photo, but setting the camera down...

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Camera Talk: Cleaning Your Camera

It’s as important as checking up on and cleaning a baby’s backside I haven’t had to watch a diaper-wearing baby in quite awhile and hope it stays that way. However, I thought this would make a great analogy. If you were going out somewhere in public with your...

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Camera Talk: Patterns and Designs

Train your eyes to find patterns or designs when you travel. Then fill your viewfinder or LCD screen with them for some one of a kind travel photos. Sometimes the designs are things you see everyday, maybe, you walk right over them without even giving them a second...

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Camera Talk: Creating Silhouettes

One of the times you can break all the rules of photography and get away with it, creating silhouettes, can produce some dramatic pictures. What do I mean, “break the rules”, what would you want to do that for? Well, it’s for when you want the subject to...

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Camera Talk: Framing the Subject

Another element of composition sometimes used in photography is called Framing. Frames come in all sizes, shapes and designs when you go looking for them in stores. I’ve seen standard horizontal and vertical ones, triangular, circular, ovals and even some heart,...

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Camera Talk: Getting Perspective to Work for You

When you stand on a country road and look down the length of it, the road appears to narrow. If it’s lined with a fenced-in pasture, the fence posts appear smaller the farther away from you they are. We live in a three dimensional world but, our photos are two...

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Camera Talk: Leading Lines

Ladies and Gentlemen, the answer to the $64,000 question is: This is a Leading Line. It has nothing to do with photography but, if it got you to look a little closer at my Camera Talk today, it worked. It’s a little trick you can use in your photographic technique,...

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Camera Talk: The Wood Grain Capture

Whether it’s an old barn, wooden pier, deck, row of houses or something like the abandoned boat it the photo shown here, there are a few tricks you can employ to make the grain in the wood stand out. The direction the light source comes from is critical. In this...

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Camera Talk: Depth of Field

Aperture settings on your camera allow you to be creative. Depth of Field (DOF) determines how much area in the photo comes into sharp focus when the photo is composed. A broad (wide) Depth of Field will put most of the picture in sharp focus while a narrow DOF will...

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Camera Talk: Buying a Tripod

One of the most important investments a traveler can make in buying accessories for a camera is the tripod. When I go to look at tripods anyone who knows me makes an excuse to not come along that day. I embarrass them. Only the salespeople, who know I’m about to...

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