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125 Words about the World

There is something special about international travel. There is something about arriving in a foreign country and looking around a crowded airport feeling a little lost. There is something about finally understanding why...

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New Zealand in 125 words

While there are few monuments to a historic past that one might find in Europe of Asia, few countries host a wider assortment of outdoor experiences that embraces today better than New Zealand.

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Spain in 125 words

Spain lives well. Whether a traveler visits for the endless parties in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands or the laid-back charms of Andalusia and beach cities along the Mediterranean, Spain is a country with a myriad of cultural possibilities.

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Japan in 125 Words

Japan is fascinating. While among the world leaders in technical innovations, Japan maintains an undeniable connection to its history.

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The Bahamas in 125 Words

The 700 islands that make up the Bahamas offer experiences ranging from pampering five-star resorts to breezy strolls by brightly painted Victorian houses peppering tropical terrain.

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