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The New Backpack

I still have my old backpack in the garage. Yes, the one with all the hand-sewn patches on it from the different countries I have visited. While I have stopped using that backpack, I still collect the patches when visiting a new...

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Beating Jetlag

One of the drags about Los Angeles is leaving Los Angeles. Almost all international flights tend to be well over ten hours. Anything outside of Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii becomes a lengthy consideration. Since I primarily travel...

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Top 10 Marrakech

I haven’t been to Morocco yet. I came close while in southern Spain a few years back, but there just wasn’t enough time. The two hours ferry ride each way would have left me with a brief moment in Tangiers and a race...

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Books at Last!

I am a book lover. I am not just saying that. I am an obsessive compulsive book buyer and am usually good for a sack of books a week. I will read almost anything and my home isn’t getting any bigger. It is getting smaller,...

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Last Second Deals

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