The following is a letter I recently received from the owner of the Kincaid Lodge in New Zealand. It is about a five minute ride from Kaikoura’s main street. The lodge is charming and quiet and definitely my most restful night during a recent trip to New Zealand. I highly recommend the stay. I am planning to offer more on this pleasant seaside town with a strong Maori presence but Helen did such I nice job, I thought I would let her tell you. -editor-

Hi Devin,

We are just cruising along very well, not much changes here except the wee cows are about to have their first calves (which is very exciting for us) and we have lambs that are a couple of weeks old, the daffidols are coming out, so its a fun time of year

We don’t do media releases, all I’m doing on the promoting front is keeping the website up-to-date and getting agents on board, but word of mouth has overtaken everything really.

The main activites I promote to our guests are: Whale watching (humpbacks were seen playing like dolphins recently… that really excited the staff!! never really seen here).

Dolphin swimming
Maori Tours
Glenstrae quadbiking (as much an awesome scenic trip as biking).
Kaikoura Night sky (not boring science, very interesting and the
clearest sky you will see anywhere)

All these are on the activites page of my website with their website

Resturants: NOT ‘Finz’ anymore!!
The Green Dolphin
The White Morph
The Olive Branch
Donegal House (Irish Pub)

Kind regards,

Written by Devin Galaudet and Helen Crosley